The Enhanced Edition of The Wizards is Now Available for Pre-order!

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The Wizards [Enhanced Edition]

PlayStation 4™, PlayStation VR™ – EUROPE

  • This game was first digitally released last March 12th for PSVR and Steam.
  • The physical version is coming this April 26th in the European regions.
  • Experience the magical power through your hands, thanks to the virtual reality mode from PlayStation VR.


Dear fellow Wizards, the game developer Carbon Studio has officially announced the physical version of The Wizards in Enhanced Edition is coming for PlayStation VR. The Wizards Enhanced Edition expands beyond the original PC version. Now, PS4 users especially if you own the PSVR, you will get to experience the power of being a wizard through the virtual reality thanks to PSVR.

The digital version of this game arrived last March 12th. Then, Carbon Studio has confirmed that the physical version will arrive after the month of release of the digital version. So, folks, the retail version of The Wizards Enhanced Edition is coming this April 26th.

The developers cannot wait to release it for you to enjoy the game as it transports you to the magical adventures with your own hand actions. Here’s a statement from Pawel Gajda of Carbon Studio below.

“We’ve spent many months developing PlayStation VR version of The Wizards. This time was shared between polishing existing features, developing brand new content for the Enhanced Edition, and adding accessibility options based on the PS VR community feedback” – via VR Focus

This game takes you in a fantasy world wherein you have the task to save the Realm of Meliora. You will join Aurelius, a master wizard, who is trapped in the streams of time. With this, he will guide you throughout the magical journey as you battle against the nefarious forces in the enchanting world. Through space and time, travel the spectacular locations in the three diverse regions.

The magic is in your hands as the motion controllers from your PS4 let you experience a real magician casting spells. Use your magical skills to defeat the enemies in the land of Meliora. Along with the story mode of this game, there’s an online ranking system for you to monitor your score as you compete against other players around. To enjoy the game more, The Wizards will provide a high replayability thanks to the extra modes and the gameplay modifiers for you to enhance your spellcasting.

Feel the magic in your hands as you join Aurelius in the Enhanced Edition of The Wizards this April 26th for PlayStation VR. Here at Playasia, this game is now available for pre-order. Click the button below to pre-order yours now!




  • VIRTUAL REALITY – The game is available on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation®VR, and uses their respective motion controllers
  • MAGIC IN YOUR HANDS – The motion controllers will let you feel like you are a magician casting deadly spells with your hands
  • PVE GAMEPLAY – Use your skills and cunning to defeat hordes of enemies throughout the fantasy land of Meliora
  • ONLINE SCOREBOARDS – With an online ranking system, you can compete against other players, and share your results with friends
  • CAMPAIGN MODE – Travel in time in Story Mode and complete quests to protect the Realm from destructive enemy forces
  • FATE CARDS SYSTEM – Thanks to Fate Cards, you will be able to make the game as casual or demanding as you like, with corresponding changes to reward values
  • ENDLESS FUN – The Wizards provides high replayability thanks to a selection of gameplay modifiers, as well as extra game modes that let you put your spellcasting to a real test


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