Falcon Age for PSVR – Falconry will save all of us!

Falcon Age

PlayStation®VR Ι Genre: Falconry VR Adventure

Falconry is one of the most ancient hunting method passed down through the generations!
During the excavation, many archeologists have found evidence that this practice has developed in Mesopotamia around 2000 BC. Exercised by many civilizations across the world (from Romans to Japanese ones); falconry had its heyday during the reign of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II. His treatise “
De Arte Venandi cum Avibus” (On The Art of Hunting with Birds) is the most notable document about medieval falconry; divided into six books, this opus describes all the experiments he made to let deliver, feed, and train the best specimen for the hunting. Starting from an opening introduction about the general habits and structure of birds, the more you read the book the more you’ll find specific information about falconry. This book let grow hugely this kind of activity among nobles making it not only a very popular sport but an actual status symbol! Even nowadays falconry is widely done by thousands of enthusiasts, and since 2010 it has been added to the UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Anyway, from today you can try to hunt preys with your faithful hawk with Falcon Age the new interstellar adventure for PSVR. An army of robotic invaders have conquered your planet, and their efforts to eradicate its original cultural heritage are really paying off. Now almost degraded to a desert due to the non-stopping extraction of the natural resources; this automated tyranny rule harsh over the hopeless indigenous communities. Ara, the protagonist of this title has been jailed for a little infraction, during her lonely time, she started to train a little falcon, and eventually, the two became friends. But you can’t keep in prison two free souls like Ara, and her falcon; so, one day they could evade, and start to fight to regain their freedom and kick out the invaders!

You know, a rebellion always starts from a single person, and in Falcon Age, for PSVR you are that person. Travel far and wide across the open-planet, in it you’ll find a lot of creatures that await only to be hunted by your winged partner. Give it a name, feed it, and using a plethora of powered relics you can make it more powerful and faster than ever. Unleash the falcon to attack all the colonizer machines you’ll encounter, and then finish them with the stun baton. Do it right, and your people will be saved, fail and your culture will be canceled forever.
Wrote by
Cassandra Khaw (Wasteland 3) and Meg Jayanth (Horizon: Zero Dawn); in this VR adventure, you must be fast as the wind and strong like the rock. Featuring a rEVO⅃utionary story who’ll explore your emotional chords in a very deep way, a deep gameplay system, accessible controls, and a state of the art graphics; Falcon Age for PSVR catapults you in a big open-world full with wonders and ancient traditions that must be preserved.

Involving flight, exploration, and action; only you have the power to change the world!
Put an end to your worst nightmares, and destroy the invading robots & drones without mercy. Even if it sounds pretty simple, we assure you that Falcon Age for PSVR is not. Test your training skills and reflexes with this digital-only VR adventure; it’s faster, tougher and more fantastic than you could ever imagine!


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