Detective Conan Skateboard Run for NS – Dash to solve the case!

Detective Conan Skateboard Run: Kaitō Kid and the Mysterious Treasure

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Skateboarding is not a crime

There is always only one truth, especially if we claim that Detective Conan is one of the most beloved series of all time!
Inspired by mystery fiction stories written by Agatha Christie, Edogawa Ranpo, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; the mangaka Gosho Aoyama created this series in 1994 and since then its popularity grew up more and more. The life of Shinichi Kudo (a high school detective who helped police to solve difficult cases) changed radically the day when the criminal syndicate Black Organization forced him to drink a new kind of poison. Turned into a child, but keeping all the previous memories and mental faculties; Shinichi decided to change his name in Conan Edogawa keeping his true identity secret; while continued to solve mystery cases with the help of the private investigator Kogoro Mori and his daughter Ran. With over 1000 chapters packed in 91 volumes; Detective Conan is the 23rd longest running manga series, and its popularity shows no signs of letting up.

Obviously, a series of this caliber cannot be relegated only to printed paper; in fact it got a large number of different adaptations spanned from anime to live action drama passing through video games, movies with very special guests (for example Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan: The Movie), TV specials, and even ultra unique time-limited events at Universal Studios Japan!
Started on Game Boy two years after the first manga episode; also the gaming career of Conan Edogawa is a very triumphant one. Appearing on several consoles including WonderSwan, Nintendo DS, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Wii, and many others; there are in total 24 exciting adventures that push your intuition skills to the limit and beyond…until today.
That’s right! From now on you can help Conan, Ran & Kogoro to solve another intricated case with Detective Conan Skateboard Run: Kaitō Kid and the Mysterious Treasure for Nintendo Switch!

Set in a huge theme park built by Suzuki Financial Group, one of the most powerful institutions of the world led by Shiro Suzuki, the first game installment for Switch offers an insane amount of action. In this new case Conan must engage with his criminal nemesis; the one and only Phantom Thief Kid! He had discovered that in the park’s basement are being held the Three Great Mysterious Treasures; these very rare and precious relics are globally considered as the finest works of art made by an ancient civilization.
Obviously, like any professional thief worthy of the name; the Phantom Kid Thief is determined to steal them very soon; to prevent it Conan hops on his faithful Turbo Engine Skateboard to literally race against time. In Detective Conan Skateboard Run: Kaitō Kid and the Mysterious Treasure for Switch; you must help the famous detective to dash & jump across all the park’s areas reaching each treasure before the Phantom Kid makes his appearance. Luckily you’ll be not alone; indeed inside it, the greatest allies you’ve seen in the manga will help you giving you the access to new skills that will make your mission a little bit easier (but not so much)!

Featuring hyper-fast gameplay, anime-style graphics, and above all the presence of such beloved characters; the digital-only Detective Conan Skateboard Run: Kaitō Kid and the Mysterious Treasure for Nintendo Switch is a game that challenges the gravity force make you racing at the speed of light.
Act fast and let Justice prevails once for all!


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