Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain for PS4 – Take this alien scum!

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: Alien Eradicator Simulation

Do you want to protect the Earth from an alien invasion? Then this announcement is for you!
If you’re a sci-fi fan or if you want to expand your horizons to the infinite and beyond; a cleaning job in the Earth Defense Force is the best you can get. Since 2003, EDF is one of the most renowned peacemaker agency of the globe; normally many governments can’t rely on their fighting forces due to their broken, outdated equipment and lack of preparation. To face superior race threats effectively, help from professional soldiers is not strongly recommended, it’s compulsory! Equipped with the most advanced devices built exploiting alien technology; all the EDF privates can accomplish every kind of challenge, from the common pest control operations to the most delicate missions in crowded cities under attack.
During these last years, an incalculable number of species tried to conquer the globe, and thanks to our efforts they’ve been all rejected. But now the EDF needs you!
Here below you can find what we need:

Conditions of Employment

  • Frequent travel is required
  • A one-year probationary period may be required


  • Advanced knowledge of Planetary Protection, its requirements and mission categories in extremely complex situations
  • Cool head, and nerve to act firmly


  • EDF provides employees and their families with a comprehensive benefits package that will make your career very rewarding

Start the evaluation process today submitting your resume by clicking on the “Apply Online” link!

Welcome on board! You’ve been chosen to join our company, and you’re now ready for your first mission known as Iron Rain. Obviously, before bringing you on the battlefield you’ll be called to complete our advanced simulation. This will provide you all the necessary knowledge of what you’ll face and where; so go in the sim-room, turn on the PlayStation 4 system, and have a great time with Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain! This time you must face a new kind of specimen affectionately known as Aggressor. Coming from outer space, these giant insect-like beings are very clever and dangerous with a vast arsenal of unknown hi-tech weapons and battle machines. From what we know, their objectives are unclear, but they aren’t peaceful ones.
C’mon soldier! Wear your armors, shine your weapons and get ready for battle!

In Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain for PS4, you experience the ultimate adrenaline rush of this explosive action series; featuring more classes, more weapons, and more invaders; seek and destroy all targets both in the air or on land. Clear your way in a wholly destructible environment where bridges, skyscrapers, and many other structures can just as easily be destroyed by friend or foe in your attempt to save the world and trying not to demolish it in the process. Get armed to the teeth and take part to over 50 missions in which you can control extermination tanks & fully armored mechs to destroy the enemy. Alone or with your friends; lead your fearless comrades to the victory before it’s too late!

Do your part NOW! Join the EDF Corps digitally or physically; pick up your firearms and battle the Aggressor invaders that infest the planet with Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain for PS4!


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