World of Warships Legends for PS4 and XB1 – Big is better!

World of Warships Legends

PlayStation®4, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Conquer the seas

Since ancient times many merchants trade their goods by sea to provide raw materials as well as luxury products from far countries, but rarely these ships were protected by armed ships. But not all the civilizations acted in this reckless way; Athens and Carthage commonly protected their maritime routes to keep their own monopoly.
Along its more than 3000 years of history, naval warfare has been very important for dozens of empires who tried to extend their borders even to the most remote lands; many different types of cogs, caravels & carracks experienced the hard life of the sea carrying thousands of people to the four corners of the world, some did it and some not, but this is the fate.
The golden age of this activity is undoubtedly the period between 1571 and 1862; known as Age of Sail, during these three centuries the globe was dominated by ships who were utilized for every human activity: trades, explorations, discoveries, and obviously battles; it can be said the globalization started during that era.

It’s only during the early 20th century that the modern battleships made their appearances on the waters; built by steel, and equipped with many cannons ready to fire. Some warships are legendary still nowadays; names like Yamato, Iowa, Queen Elizabeth or USS Yorktown are very famous not only among the historians but also among the common people thanks to their incredibly higher speeds, and advanced equipment. If you ever dreamt to sail across the most turbulent seas of history, you don’t need to wait more; group you own fleet with World of Warships Legends for PS4, and XB1! Featuring a lot of faithfully recreated types of ships such as cruisers, destroyers, carriers, and many other in this naval strategy game you’ll be called to lead your country to the ultimate victory for the dominance over your rivals.
Be creative, and think to original plans that will blow up all of them; as budding captain, you’ll be forced to take difficult decisions for the ultimate victory!

Stalk your enemy through unfriendly high waters, aim to their weak point, and then fire the cannons!
In World of Warships Legends for PS4, and XB1 you must prove yourself worthy as a first-class captain; the timeless Battleship game got a brand new, eternal incarnation in which every gameplay session is absolutely different from the previous one.
Discover the thrill of the command playing extensively with this game, and you’ll never look at the sea in the same way ever again. Position your fleet on the international stage; plan your hits, reload your guns and let the battle action begins.
Thanks to its ultra-exciting multiplayer mode you can challenge some of the greatest minds of all time; sink their ships and they’ll know how salty is the taste of defeat.

Unleash your inner captain to stop the enemy threat before it’s too late!
World of Warships Legends for PS4, and XB1 is a real digital-only strategic extravaganza; smartness will protect your fleet from attacks better than any steel protection.
Reclaim the oceans! Rise up to this unique challenge where leadership is as important as battle skills!


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