Root Letter: Last Answer Received a Rating in Australia

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Root Letter: Last Answer

PlayStation 4™, PlayStation Vita & Nintendo™ Switch – JAPAN


It’s been five months since the release of the live-action remake of the 2016 adventure visual novel of Root Letter: Last Answer or √Letter Last Answer (√Letter ルートレター Last Answer). Some fans are waiting for the Western localization of this visual novel game. Folks, get your hopes high as Australian Classification Board has a rating for Root Letter: Last Answer.

The Australian Classification Board has given a rating for Root Letter: Last Answer stylized as √Letter Last Answer. According to the Australian Rating Board, PQube is the publisher while the rating was authored by Kadokawa Games. This live-action remake has given an M/Mature rating. So, that means folks, the Western localization is coming so let’s wait for the official announcement.

The game sets in Matsue, Shimane Prefecture. The protagonist arrives to search for Fumino Aya. Fumino Aya is a pen pal friend from high school that disappeared 15 years ago. However, the protagonist discovers that an old pen-friend was involved in a murder before she went missing. Now, when the curiosity kills the cat, investigate the murder with her past letters as clues to unveil the truth.

Root Letter: Last Answer will include the Drama Mode that features 90 actors in the cast. The idealistic of real-life drama woven within the charming townscape of Shimane Prefecture as it’s presented with realism. With these elements, the visual novel is similar to watching a real-life Japanese drama on the TV screen. Of course, the Original Mode is still here with the beautiful aesthetic graphics and illustrations from the renowned artist, Minoboshi Taro. Enjoy the adventure either in live-action or in illustrated visuals! In the Drama Mode of this visual novel game, Kadokawa Games has revealed that the famous Japanese fashion designer, Junko Koshino will design the costume for the live-action screenshots and footages.


Root Letter: Last Answer, Root Letter, Chinese Subs, PS4, Switch, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch,方根書簡 Last Answer (中文版), Asia

Meanwhile, the Japanese Version of Root Letter: Last Answer is still available on our website on all platforms! (PS4, PS Vita and Switch) Avail your copies right now only on our website. Click the button below to grab yours now!


Root Letter: Last Answer, Root Letter, Chinese Subs, PS4, Switch, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch,方根書簡 Last Answer (中文版), Asia

And also the 2016 Root Letter is also available as well on our website. Plus, this game has the Western versions. So, if you want to grab this right now, just click the button below before it runs out of stock.


Read more about the game here.



  • An intense murder mystery set in a gorgeous, real-word, rural Japanese setting
  • Stunning Visual Novel artwork from the renowned artist Minoboshi Taro
  • Increased gameplay elements – search for clues, present evidence and explore environments
  • Travel freely around Shimane, visiting real world locations and interviewing suspects
  • Interrogation mode allows you to present evidence to characters and catch them out in lies
  • Unravel the truth from your pen-friend’s letters – was she telling the truth, was she even real?
  • Make difficult choices as you straddle an investigation spanning 15 years
  • Five different endings with wildly different routes – for a huge level of replayability


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  1. Avatar Silent Warrior says:

    ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!? This is… Well, possibly the most unexpected gaming news I’ve heard about in my entire life! Good on Kadokawa – and I’ll be expecting an EU release at some point before 2030.

    (I suppose I’ll have to be grateful to Steins Gate? Seems to have made a mighty splash, despite being such a niche title. Now to get that Shining Force 4 announcement I’ve been waiting for since 1999.)

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