Moero Chronicle H for Switch – Is this love or am I dreaming?

Moero Chronicle H

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Opparadise Adventure

The term Moe (萌え) is a Japanese slang word, who express the love for the characters present in manga, anime or video games. Even if its origin is uncertain; it has been started to be used since the end of the 80s inside the otaku subculture. But it’s only from the early 2000s that Moe concept became a public domain’s concept used also commercially to publicize a vast range of different media products. Including many different meanings; Moe is now an important cultural phenomenon that moves billions of yen every year, not only in Japan but also abroad.
For example characters like Dinosaur Planet’s Sagisawa Moe or Sailor Moon’s Tomoe Hotaru instill in the fans a sense of emotional affection due to their beautiful and innocent shape. Influencing more than a generation of people; now it’s quite difficult to take a census of all the Moe opuses released so far. In fact, let’s not forget that for every Moe-style title released by big companies, there are at least four works made by fans who can be found only at Comiket or through the word of mouth. Anyway, even huge game developers like Konami tried to exploit this concept releasing titles like Otomedius series; in which the glorious spaceships from Gradius, Salamander, Twinbee, and Xexex have been portrayed like beautiful shooting girls.

But, there’s another important series beloved by all the Moe-fans scattered all over the planet; obviously, we’re talking of Genkai Tokki!
Started in 2013 with Monster Monpiece for PlayStation Vita; this series became year by year the most important one fixing all the main characteristics of the so-called Moe anthropomorphism; a form of art-style where non-human beings, items, concepts, or phenomena are turned into cute girls, often with parodistic intent, providing a contemporary form of Mitate-e; an Ukiyo-e sub style who use widespread a vast number of allusions, puns, and much more. Consisting of five installments (until now); the Genkai Tokki series is without any doubt a very important reference for all the gamers who want to delve themselves into the exciting multiverse of Moe aesthetic.
And, what’s better than a Nintendo Switch to do it? Well, nothing! Because finally, Moero Chronicle H will arrive tomorrow!

Heavenly, Hyper, Hot…in other words H! This Dungeon-Crawling RPG follow-up the events of Monster Monpiece. Io is a young boy troubled by his profane and arguably perverted thoughts, which affects his ability to comfortably interact with the opposite sex.
His relationship with his confidant and only real friend, a beautiful monster girl named Lilia; creates some tension when the world starts experiencing natural disasters and hostility from the other monster girls! When the rumors of a “Legendary Monster Girl” bent on world destruction starts to circulate; mankind is forced to take a stand. Io must now investigate the origins of the occurring phenomena, taking his childhood monster-girl friend along with him on a sexy adventure into the world of monsters.

Thanks to its rubbing, pinching, panty-wearing mechanics; Moero Chronicle H for Switch provides the most H (a.k.a. Ecchi) experience ever seen on a Nintendo console enriched with a lot of fanservice. Delve deeply into dungeons with a party of gorgeous anime styled monster girls and engage in exciting tactical battles with a focus like no other game. Find and exploit the weak spots of enemy monster girls; with a very unique outfit degradation feature accompanied by appropriate sounds, animations, and poses!
With Moero Chronicle H for Switch you can capture the digital-only hearts of the many monster girls that you’ll encounter; get ready to go Moe with it❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️


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