World End Syndrome for PS4 & NS – Urban legends are true!?

World End Syndrome

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Mysterious visual novel

Folklore is not just a cultural fact about the past, but it’s a huge box enriched day by day with new contents. Yes, even now that you’re reading this anywhere in the world some new traditions are emerging, and only time will tell us if they’ll become a global legacy or if they’ll disappear forever. Urban myths are the most popular category of modern folklore; since the advent of the internet, many of them spread at a previously unimaginable speed. Consisting primarily in scary or curious tales these contemporary legends are normally created by a single person, and thanks to the echoes of the net they easily become global pop-phenomenons almost instantly.

Ahead of our time; even the American writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald wrote about them in his 1925 masterpiece The Great Gatsby: “Gatsby’s notoriety, spread about by the hundreds who had accepted his hospitality and so became authorities on his past, had increased all summer until he fell just short of being news. Contemporary legends, such as the”underground pipe-line to Canada” attached themselves to him and there was one persistent story that he didn’t live in a house at all, but in a boat that looked like a house and was moved secretly up and down the Long Island shore.” Without any doubt the scariest ones come from Japan; urban legends like the “red room curse”, the “kuchisake onna”, or even the “curse of the Colonel Sanders” (yes the founder of KFC) won the test of time being reposted in thousands of blogs, websites, social media, and being present in several movies, manga, dramas, and anime series.

Even in the small seaside town of Mihate, a dark urban legend raised to reach the attention of the whole country. Since time immemorial people talking about Yomibito; every 100 years the dead come out from their eternal residence and start to attack the living ones. This Thursday decrees the end of the 100 years since the last mass resurrection. This means that you’ve only two days to prepare you for the invasion.
In World End Syndrome for PS4 & NS; you’re an exchange student that has just reached this normally quiet town where the smell of the sea and the sound of the waves cuddle its inhabitants. One day, a student has been found dead. And this tragic event will mark the begin of the most memorable summer of your life.

Featuring a stylish anime art style made by Blazblue‘s character designer Yuki Kato, a multi-branched mysterious story where every single decision leads you to different reactions, a cast of charismatic characters, and above all a town filled with well-kept secrets; this incredible visual novel will let you taste the real flavor of life. During your exploration, you’ll bring to light many hidden truths about the town and the people who live there.
World End Syndrome for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, is not a visual novel like all the other ones; indeed while you’ll play it, you’ll learn more about your inner nature, about the meaning of friendship, and about the true love. Stand up for what is right, and maybe, just maybe, your efforts will be rewarded, finding the truth behind the Yomibito.

Count to 100, and see what destiny has in store for you… You’ll soon discover that even if it’s a small town; Mihate is like a whole world. Meet a new bunch of friends; you’ll never have any friends like these ones. Prepare to live an unforgettable summer digitally or physically with World End Syndrome for PS4, and Switch!


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