MotoGP 19: Racing its Way this June for PS4, XONE, Switch & PC

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MotoGP 19

PlayStation 4™, Xbox One™, Nintendo™ Switch & PC – US & EU

  • This is the new game for the new season of the Grand Prix motorcycle racing season or MotoGP.
  • It features improved and enhanced Artificial Neural Network Agent or A.N.N.A for facing faster, smarter and faster AI opponents.
  • MotoGP 19 is coming to the racing tracks this June 6th for PS4, XONE and PC. Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch version is coming this June 27th.


With the brand new season of MotoGP has started its engine this March, the Italian developer Milestone S.r.l. will bring the new entry in the MotoGP franchise game with MotoGP 19. It was first revealed in mid-March that MotoGP 19 is racing to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this June 6th. Meanwhile, for the Nintendo Switch users out there, you need a bag of patience as this racing game is coming to Switch this June 27th.

Check out the official announcement from Milestone via Twitter below.

The official video game for the most famous racing championship is now ready to start its engine and speed off to your consoles. Thanks to the MotoGP, you have the chance to experience the new season of MotoGP as you face the MotoGP champions or take the role of a novice driver to make his way from the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup to the grandest stage of MotoGP, the Premier Class.

According to Tech AdvisorMilestone has given us a quick view of the variety of improvement to expect for this year’s title. First, the highlight of MotoGP 19 is the upgraded AI system that is based on neural networks. The game developers have worked for the development of this AI feature for over two years. With the enhanced and the upgraded AI system, players can now experience the more realistic AI-power opponents while you are playing in the offline mode. Plus, it provides more challenge for the MotoGP gamers out there. You can finally adapt to the challenge while riding your bike all the way to victory to make it a perfect challenge against your opponents.

The game developers have shared a trailer that explains the notion of A.N.N.A. or Artificial Neural Network Agent. It gives more background on the new Neural AI of MotoGP 19. Check it out below.

Along with the enhanced and upgraded AI, the multiplayer experience of this racing game is also improved. According to the Milestone, this will be a lag-free smooth online gameplay as it will make your rider to be exceptional on the race track. With this, you and your friends will get to experience the more delightful battle in the tracks this time. There are new and returning game mode to be included as such the Race Director Mode which allows you to customize the rules in an online race, Historical Challenges which is the updated career mode and more. Of course, there’s a customization mode for you to design your own helmet. With this, the imagination for your creativity is on your hands. The endless possibilities of designing your helmet are here to give you the trademark for your rider.

MotoGP 19 will include the MotoE and will introduce new historical bokes. These bikes will be available in the challenge mode. With this, you can now also play some of the greatest racers in 2019 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season.

If you want to see the quick view on the multiplayer features of MotoGP 19, check out this video below.

If you want to familiarize yourself and indulge in the gameplay of this upcoming racing game by Milestone, you can check out the first official gameplay trailer below so you can see what to expect on this new entry of the MotoGP game. Check out the gameplay trailer below.

Experience the best in the official video game of the most famous racing championship. MotoGP 19 is coming for PS4, XONE, PC, and Switch. Here at Playasia, this upcoming racing championship video game is now available for pre-order. Click the button below to pre-order your copies right now!



The official videogame dedicated to the most famous racing championship in the world is ready, more than ever, to give you roaring emotions even this year. Warm up the engines and get ready for the greatest gaming experience on two wheels.


  • NEURAL AI – Remember when you were the king of the race? Old times: thanks to the Neural AI and to the Machine Learning, you’ll now face smarter, faster opponents who will exploit your mistakes. The challenge is about to get real
  • HISTORICAL CHALLENGES – Living the MotoGP™ competition is great but having the chance to relive the greatest moments of the past is something you’d rarely experience. Ride as some of the greatest riders of the past in their most iconic moments as professional racers
  • SINGLE PLAYER AND MULTIPLAYER – A career mode that will let you pick your category of choice. Start from the Red Bull MotoGP™ Rookies Cup and climb your way up to the most prestigious teams, or simply jump-start your career as a MotoGP™ rider and grab the podium’s highest step. Or just dive into one of the many Single Player modes. If you like challenges, though, step into one of the many Multiplayer modes and test yourself against players around the world
  • DEDICATED SERVERS AND RACE DIRECTOR MODE – Dedicated servers will be a game changer. A low latency experience will now step the game up. Your races against other players around the world will now be fairer than ever. Along with this, the new Race Director Mode will really give the power to craft your own race, with your own rules
  • GRAPHICAL EDITORS – Pick your favorite helmet and make your own design. A powerful editor will now give you the chance to free your creativity. Endless possibilities in terms of shapes, color shades, brushes, levels. And not just helmets, but lower back patches and race numbers as well!


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