GUILTY GEAR 20th Anniversary Pack for NS – Heaven or Hell!

GUILTY GEAR 20th Anniversary Pack

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: 2D Fighting Glories

Gear, noun, /ɡɪr/
A magical creature artificially created to push forward the humankind evolution.

Started in 2014 to evolve the humans toward the next level of consciousness; using different kinds of cells fused together through genetic engineering, this mysterious project has been shrouded in mystery until 2073. On that year, in fact, a scientist known as That Man or The Gear Maker created the first complete Gear called Justice. Unfortunately, during the activation test, her mind has been infected by the Merciless Apocalypse entity; due to this event, she started a tragic 100-years war against the whole of humanity. To stop her the United Nations assembled a group of strong warriors from the four corners of the world: The Sacred Order of Holy Knights. Only the most powerful and most skilled fighters can join it. And is useless to say that the most notable members have been called to accomplish some suicide missions including the Battle of Rome, the Sealing of Hydra, the Operation Last Resort, and many other ones who saved billions of people from certain eradication.

Legendary individuals like Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, Kliff Undersn, Testament, Tyr, and Leo Whitefang are globally renowned as the only ones who can obliterate the Gears; their heroic deeds are celebrated in dozens of novels, manga, drama, and videogames! Composed by 22 episodes; Guilty Gear is a hyper-fast & technical 2D fighting game series who has been originally published in 1998 for the first PlayStation. Considered classic, Guilty Gear games are praised by players and reviewers thanks to their anime-style graphics, heavy metal soundtrack, gameplay mechanics, compelling storyline, and an aura of coolness that can’t be found in any other fighting game.
To celebrate the double decennial of this franchise in the greatest way possible, from today you can play once again the two most beloved titles of GG with GUILTY GEAR 20th Anniversary Pack exclusively on Nintendo Switch!

Anime fighters unite! Including the original Guilty Gear and Guilty Gear XX Λcore Plus R. In this compilation; you’ll find all the traditional features who made the series so great such as a cast of memorable characters, optimal balance, spectacular special moves, and much more!
Fight across the planet using stylish martial arts; some warriors will do it for the sake of humanity, some for money, and some other only to expiate their past faults.
Requiring devotion to be perfectly mastered; GUILTY GEAR 20th Anniversary Pack for NS is nothing but a guilty pleasure. In here, there’s a lot to learn, but don’t worry; with proper training, you can start to perform almost infinite flashy combos, deadly super attacks, and instant winning moves in no time. In any case, don’t settle for less than you deserve!

If you want to live the definitive Guilty Gear experience digitally or physically, then you must play with GUILTY GEAR 20th Anniversary Pack for NS! Why? Well, the reason is simple…it includes two of the best fighting games on the planet.
Will you feel guilty of playing these games too much?


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