Top of the Week – Let’s see the next hits for PS4, XB1, and NS!

A new week has started, and many brand new adventures are landing on your gaming machine; don’t waste your time with boring daily activities and gather your friends ‘cause many great titles will bring unforgettable experiences straight to you!
Check here below a rundown of the 
Top of the Week games. Action, adventure, puzzle, strategy, and more await for you; there’s always something for everyone which promises many hours of exciting gameplay and incredible fun!

Nice shot!
Let’s head off to the courses and play the most immersive golf game of the decade with Everybody’s Golf VR for PSVR! Quick and easy to learn, but challenging to master; this game will capture millions of aspiring golfers from all over the globe. Tee off on a series of incredibly challenging courses, with this VR title you can show to the crowd how a pro should play. You need sharp eyes, smooth swing, and perfect timing if you really want to reach the 18th hole with an eagle score; check the distance, the wind, the lie of the ball, where to hit the ball, which club to use, and then swing for the pin!

Step on the gas to race for glory, passion, and pain!
Join Sonic, Shadow, Amy, Tails, Knuckles, and all the other pop-icons from Sonic the Hedgehog series, to build your own team and win the greatest championship. With Team Sonic Racing for PS4, NS & XB1; you can challenge the speed limits directly from home. Many obstacles stand in your way; drive around them, fly over them, or force your opponents against them.
Perform acrobats at hyper high speeds, and don’t forget that winning isn’t everything. In this game it’s not just about being the fastest, it’s also about being the most stylish!

After Rorona, Meruru, and Totori; a new alchemist has appeared in Arland…
The beautiful and skilled Elmerulia Frixell (a.k.a. Lulua)
since she was a child nurtured a strong passion for alchemy. Trained by her mother, the worldwide famous Rorolina Frixell (Roroa), her biggest dream is to become more popular than her mother.
Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland for PS4 & NS you can enter in a legendary pastel-colored fantasy world. Help this little apprentice to make her lab & shop to prosper until the faraway boundaries of the kingdom. Your actions and decisions have tremendous weight throughout the adventure; forge unbreakable bonds with new friends, and you’ll delve into a magical touching fairy tale that will be remembered forever!

The Rose of Versailles has returned to train a new generation of Royal Guards.
Based on the 1972’s manga classic 
The Rose of Versailles created by Riyoko Ikeda; Shiritsu BeruBara Gakuen: Versailles no Bara Re*Imagination for Nintendo Switch is a school adventure game in which you’re Oscar Yamada; a new transfer student of the prestigious academy Ver Rose who must create new deep bonds and (maybe) find the love of your life.
One day, she attends a theatrical performance of the school’s Lumière Club; determined to become an actress, Oscar joins the club, and with her new friends she starts a brand new life experiencing various activities, including exciting acting competitions!
Focused on love, friendship, and youth; this is a title that all the visual novel & BeruBara fans must play!

A sudden scream pierces through the TV screen, a horde of living corpses comes nearer. The muscles contract and your body cool down the temperature. Just in time to refresh this May; Capcom will launch the much-awaited Resident Evil Origins Collection on Nintendo Switch!
Play with Resident Evil HD Remaster, Resident Evil 0, and Resident Evil 4, and re-discover three thrilling classics of this legendary saga.
Face hordes of bio-engineered creatures, and save the planet from the horror. More immersive, intuitive and interactive; these three titles are filled with gruesome details and hardcore survival experience!
Welcome to the planet of the dead…t
hese are not just a game!

These are the Top of the Week games! Get one (or more) of them for insane “too good to be true” prices, traditionally provided with our traditional faster-than-light digital delivery!

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