WEEKLY SPECIAL: Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster, Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered, Psikyo Collection Vol. 2, & More!

Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster, PlayStation Vita, Square Enix, Taiko No Tatsujin: Drum Session! (English Subs), PlayStation 4, Bandai Namco Games, Black Clover: Quartet Knights, Dark Souls Remastered, Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered, Ubisoft, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, Nintendo Switch, Capcom, Psikyo Collection Vol. 2 (Multi-Language), H2 Interactive, Onimusha: Warlords (Multi-Language)

The Playasia Video Game Weekly Special:

Where every week we slash the prices on 8 gaming products so we all can play without all that pay! No other coupons or discounts apply to Weekly Special deals.

Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster, Square EnixAssassin's Creed Rogue Remastered, UbisoftPsikyo Collection Vol. 2 (Multi-Language), H2 Interactive
Taiko No Tatsujin: Drum Session! (English Subs), Bandai Namco GamesBlack Clover: Quartet Knights, Bandai Namco Games
Dark Souls Remastered, Bandai Namco GamesMonster Hunter Generations Ultimate, CapcomOnimusha: Warlords (Multi-Language), Capcom

Terms and Conditions

• The offer is only valid from May 21, 2019 –May 28, 2019, 11:59 (GMT +8)
• The offer is a first-come-first-served basis, so act fast whilst stock lasts!
• If you cannot place the order on the product page or if there are any issues regarding unmatched pricing, please contact our customer service at cs@play-asia.com.
• If you wish to find out the latest Weekly Special offers, please visit https://www.play-asia.com/games.
• Playasia reserves the right to modify any Terms and Conditions.

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