The Sushi Spinnery for NS – Master the fine art of sushi!

The Sushi Spinnery

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Be a Sushi Star!

It’s delicious, it’s healthy, and it’s one of the most popular dishes of the refined Japanese cuisine…its name is sushi! Its origin brings us back to the good old Yayoi Period (around 300 BC–300 AD) when from the South Asian rice fields located near the Mekong river, this new kind of food reached the Land of the Rising Sun. But it’s only during the last period of the Edo Period, that sushi became a popular dish among the masses. This is due to Yohei Hanaya; the first chef who has codified the correct preparation of the nigiri sushi making it a mainstream food across the whole world.
Around 1824 Hanaya-san developed a faster method of fish fermentation that would keep the taste both fresh and delicious at the same time allowing the busy citizens of Edo to eat it on the run; like in a modern (but healthier) fast food. During the years many people both in Japan and abroad tried to create their own version, but despite all the innovations the Hanaya rules are still valid.

You know, if something is too good, it can’t be relegated into a single country. In fact, in 1906 the first western sushi restaurant has been opened in Los Angeles, and since that fateful year, thousands of diners opened across the globe. Obviously, many chefs tried to prepare their own version of this apparently simple food; some of them became popular such as California roll or Sushi burrito, while some others have disappeared soon after one single bite. In any case, if you feel that the way of sushi is strong with you, don’t look further because with The Sushi Spinnery for Nintendo Switch you can open your original sushi restaurant!

In this accurate simulation; you are called to manage a whole restaurant located in the uptown. Push your tastebuds and your business instinct to the max, and work hard to improve the awareness in order to let become it globally renowned gourmet heaven. At the beginning you must be ready to take criticism, and implement the suggestion of your guests; in this way, they will feel important and help you to prepare even more delicious sushi. The more your reputation improves (also with the help of reviews on magazines and TV shows), the more the popularity of your restaurant increases making you very rich.

Even if you’re a beginner or a sushi gourmet; The Sushi Spinnery for Switch offers you a wide selection of side-activities that can make the dinner of your customers the best one of their lives. Don’t forget that the counter is a stage, your staff is an actual acting troupe, and well…you’re the director. Train your employees to the highest level, and provide the most memorable, intimate, and elegant food experience in town; in few words a real feast for the senses! Expand the WOW feeling to the infinite and beyond, but bear well in mind the managing activity is not all fun and games; you must keep under control the expenses to gain the highest profit possible.
Choose your favorite style; do you prefer an informal kaiten sushi or a three stars elegant restaurant? In The Sushi Spinnery for Nintendo Switch the choice is yours, but whatever it is don’t forget that the word of mouth travels fast among people; a false move could mean the end of your entrepreneurial adventure.

With so many things to do; this digital-only simulation game is truly eternal! Expand your activity now, and test your skills in the tough world of business, All you need to have are intuition, a brilliant mind, and the finest ingredients.
The Sushi Spinnery for Nintendo Switch is the most delicious & fresh game of the year.


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