Go green with the new Xbox Game Pass!

There’s nothing left to say except that E3 2019 is ruled by Microsoft!
Last Sunday, during an astonishingly epic conference Phil Spencer has announced very big things including Project Scarlett, XCloud, and the new Elite controllers batch. But that’s not all; You know technology is cool, but man does not live by hardware alone; what’s make a console a real success are GAMES! And during the event, they have announced some huge hits that will make 2020 one of the top gaming years.
Titles like Cyberpunk 2077 (with a Keanu Reeves in great shape), Blair Witch, and the return of Rash, Zitz, and Pimple (a.k.a. Battletoads) are only an example of what we can expect for the next year.
Obviously, even from the digital side, Microsoft has proven to be particularly active. Indeed from now on; there are three types of Game Pass, that will make happy all the owners of Xbox One and PC!

Let’s start with the traditional Xbox Game Pass for the console; well you already know it…launched a couple of years ago, this revolutionary gaming service is rightly known as the “Netflix of video games”!
Providing an incredible catalog of more than 300 titles (periodically updated with new releases), it allows you to choose anytime & anywhere which adventure you want to live for an insanely cheap amount of money a month! With it, you’ll not find only the superlative first-party games developed by Microsoft Studios, but also many third parties IPs developed by Capcom, Sega, Bandai Namco, and many other companies. In addition, if you’re interested in gaming history, with this service you can also play with the retro-gems of Xbox and Xbox 360 without any sort of problem. In a few words, thanks to the Xbox Game Pass you can get more than 1 million hours of exciting games instantly.

Are you a PC gamer? Well, we can’t blame you ’cause here at Playasia, we play with it when we have some free time! In any case, we are aware also that some games are released only for PC and vice-versa; luckily Microsoft came to the aid to all the players who want to play Xbox games on their computer…all you need to have is the brand new Xbox Game Pass for PC. Launched two days ago, thanks to it you can play with Batman Arkham Knight, Guacamelee 2, Hollow Knight, Shenmue 1 & 2, Lichtspeer, and many other ones without effort!

If you can’t you choose which is the best one for you; with the complete Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, there’s no decision to struggle with! Including the Game Pass for console & PC plus the access to Xbox Live Gold, this is the perfect solution in case you always want the best. For a ridiculously insane amount you can play with a heavy load of games anytime and anywhere, isn’t it cool?
More is better! Thanks to the impressive Xbox Game Pass you can get hundreds of legendary games at your disposal. All you need to do it turn on your gaming machine and grab the pad!
There is no power greater than X!!!


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