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Mars Alive

PlayStation®VR Ι Genre: Colonize the Red Planet

火星, Hōkū‘ula, मंगल ग्रह, Marte, المريخ or simply Mars!
Provided of two satellites, and with a distance from the sun of more than 200.000.000 km; Mars is known since 2nd millennium BC. Rich of iron oxide who gave it its peculiar red color, the fourth planet of the solar system captured the imagination of millions of earthlings belonging to different cultures and beliefs.
Mentioned in Gulliver’s Travels, The War of the Worlds, and obviously Life on Mars; this planet is one of the most used settings of books, dramas, movies, and video games. Strictly connected with the Roman God of War, and symbol of masculinity; a lot of scientists believe that introducing the appropriate amendments, it can sustain life.

Due to this idea; since 1960 countries such us Russia, U.S.A., and India sent on its surface a quite big number of spacecraft and rovers who took pictures, and collected useful data about its geology. Wernher von Braun has been the first engineer who proposed to a serious study on human landing on Mars; the details of his research can be found in the book “Das Marsprojekt” originally published in 1952. Considered still today the most influential book on space missions; this magnus opus inspired a huge number of people including Walt Disney who wanted him for two special TV shows entitled “Man and the Moon and “Mars and Beyond!

But from a pop-approach, thanks to works like Total Recall, Thunderbirds Are GO or Zone of the Enders; Mars has already been deeply explored by terrestrials. But no one tried to colonize it…until today…
Developed by Winking Entertainment; Mars Alive for PSVR is the first open-world survival adventure set on the red planet. Taking place in 2045, at the beginning of the expedition known as Project Monolith III; a mission who aim to make Mars sustainable for human life; the player is an astronaut who must explore it far and wide, and at the same time survive from the attack of a mysterious terrorist who wants to kill all the mission’s members.
Inspired by the sci-fi milestones, in this new colony-building adventure game in VR-o-Rama; the Red Planet is completely at your disposal to implement a new kind of civilization settled in outer space.

Build, and keeping a brand new, cozy environment for the humankind; terraforming an apparently unhabitable planet with very harsh conditions into a world where life can flourish. Exploiting the latest high-tech devices you can try to search and find as many resources as you can to craft innovative tools that will help you a lot. As the [re]creator of the planet, you’ll have all the freedom and absolute power to do everything you want. Experience a new kind of life far far away from your home planet; Mars Alive for PSVR offers something truly unique.
New lands and resources are only waiting to be discovered by you; become a colonizer playing with this digital-only VR survival space opera!


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