Top of the Week – Let’s see the next hits for PS4, XB1, and NS!

A new week has started, and many brand new adventures are landing on your gaming machine; don’t waste your time with boring daily activities and gather your friends ‘cause many great titles will bring unforgettable experiences straight to you!
Check here below a rundown of the 
Top of the Week games. Action, adventure, puzzle, strategy, and more await for you; there’s always something for everyone which promises many hours of exciting gameplay and incredible fun!

Experience the intense way of life of Kamuro-cho as never before!
In Judgement for PS4, you’re now on the opposite side of the barricades; step into the shoes of detective Takayuki Yagami, and solve the mystery of a serial killer who terrorizes the whole city. Providing the traditional thrilling action and for the very first time English dubbing; this new adventure game from Ryu ga Gotoku Studio
brings spicy suspense and a brand new cast of extremely memorable characters.
Offering (in)justice, scandals, violence, and corruption…what more could you ask for?

New, fierce, and extremely cool, Samurai Shodown is back for PS4 & XB1!
Set one year before the first episode; in this prequel, all swordsmen and fighters departed from their hometowns reaching the Land of the Rising Sun to prevent a mysterious threat who aim to invade all the planet. The young and powerful Kurama Yashimaru, Wu-Ruixiang & Darli Dagger join their forces with the other series’ superstars to battle far and wide.
With its magnificent 2.5D graphics, stunning effects as well as a generous level of blood spurts, this is the game for all who wishes to walk the path of the samurai!

In Oakmont, Massachusetts nothing is as it seems!
Delve deeper in the Cthulhu mythos with The Sinking City for PS4 & XB1. As the detective Charles W. Reed; you’ll be called to investigate on a weird case of the flood who is submerging the whole town. His search for truth will drive him into a dangerous maze built by long-kept secrets, ancient legends, and unfriendly people. Prepare to explore a darkish open-world built brick by brick with gloom, horrors, and bizarre beliefs. In this adventure based on the classic tales of H.P. Lovecraft, you’ll have the unique opportunity to hear ancient howls that resound from the deep.
Witness the heavy weight of dread, and feel a true sense of evil playing with this spine-tingling game!

Creativity counts!
Set it free with Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch; through a tiny card a whole universe of infinite opportunities will open in front of you. Here all is possible, and you can play a title full of wonders in which the only limit is given by your imagination. Offering a huge library of obstacles, creatures, and blocks you can create your own original Mushroom Kingdom in no time.
Featuring a huge bag of great improvements; you’ll have tons of different ways to play it. Alone or with your friends; let’s make your own levels, and share them with the world.
Are you up for this challenge?

Hello, my name’s Yamada, I’m 36 yo, and…I’m a programmer, nice to e-meet you!
Every day once finished my boring office work, I go back to home to develop something cool; a JRPG in which I’m the absolute protagonist…and from today you can play it too with Dandy Dungeon Legend of Brave Yamada exclusively on Nintendo Switch! Including all the cornerstones of JRPG genre, in this retro-style story of love & courage, you’ll be called to defeat the evil, get prizes, and above all conquer the heart of Maria-chan; the most beautiful gal of this dreamy kingdom.
Face the dungeons one by one, and help me to reach the top…after all, we’re on the same boat!

After winning a lot of awards in the most important events around the world; finally, the much-awaited Hardcore Mecha will arrive on PS4 this Thursday!
Filled with clanging mechas, epic fights on land & skies, and an unforgettable 2D art-style; this is absolutely a must-play title. Featuring an insane dose of robotic madness, customization, and very high-quality; play it to experience the same feelings of a real mecha-pilot. Thanks to its engrossing storytelling, Rocket Punch Games has developed a very thrilling mech-action title set in a futuristic interplanetary environment.
Enter in the cockpit, and get ready to control fast and powerful mechs, built to blast the enemies of humankind into oblivion!

Bring more AAAwesomeness on SSSwitch with Devil May Cry!
The legendary first episode that started everything will open the gates of hell tomorrow; Dante & Trish await you to relive a daemonic action adventure in the company of hundreds of legions from the underworld. With his rock-star attitude, Dante launches into the greatest hardcore gothic opera of all time. Preserving the fast-paced action that has made the series so popular; Devil May Cry for Nintendo Switch, let you experience burning intense gameplay that will immerse you in a non-stop, thrilling escapade.
Wield your faithful weapons to slain demons with SSStyle; come on brothers and sisters unleash your inner devilish powers!

These are the Top of the Week games! Get one (or more) of them for insane “too good to be true” prices, traditionally provided with our traditional faster-than-light digital delivery!

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