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Are you waiting for some updates from Spike Chunsoft‘s Crystar? If you are, well you are in the right place, folks! Spike Chunsoft has released a new update for the upcoming Western localization of this action RPG.

Spike Chunsoft has shown the new trailer of Crystar at the Anime Expo 2019. In the trailer, it introduces the characters of this action RPG.

Watch the trailer and check out the four characters with their description below via Gematsu.

  • Rei Hatada (Warrior of Grief) – The protagonist who fights in Purgatory to bestow Revival to the sister she killed. The story isn’t about saving the world, but pursuing her ego as she wishes to bring her sister back to life. Despite facing despair and weeping over her weakness and uncertainty, she has the strength to press on. Though quiet and serious, when she becomes emotional she demonstrates an intensity that’s directly opposed to her usual, soft-spoken demeanor. She is capable of doing anything to protect those she cares for.
  • Kokoro Fudoji (Champion of Vengeance) – A living woman who teams up with Rei in Purgatory. She is an Executor and has a Guardian named Diogenes. Her child and the man she loved were killed by Anamnesis. She battles in Purgatory, obsessed with getting revenge on Anamnesis. However, she usually is kind and cheerful, the older-sister type who likes cute, young girls.
  • Sen Megumiba (Defender of Justice) – A living girl who teams up with Rei in Purgatory. She is an Executor and has a Guardian named Socrates. Sen is the sole survivor of a major accident in which she lost her beloved mother. Thanks to the influence of her father, who is a prosecutor, Sen values the law and justice above all else. She fights in Purgatory as a way to pursue the justice she believes in.
  • Nanana (Advocate of Pleasure) – A humanoid Revenant who becomes infatuated with Rei in Purgatory. As a deceased person, no one knows why Nanana likes and follows Rei around so persistently. She possesses great power and changes an entire region of Purgatory to prevent Rei and her group from progressing. “Fun and exciting” is her catchphrase. Despite being a Revenant, she becomes an Executor and helps Rei on her journey.

For the overview, Rei and her younger sister, Mirai, are hauled into the afterworld of Purgatory. Rei must save her Mirai. To do so, Rei signs a contract with the Demons of Purgatory to fight the monsters that are filling their noble home. With this, Rei and her Executors must face the wrath of these monsters while they encounter their pasts and confront their fears. Rei must be brave to save her sister’s soul before it vanishes.

Explore the world of Purgatory as you battle against the souls of the dead. You can play as four different characters while you unveil their memories and discover the hidden truths and mysterious secrets in their stories. The concept of this game revolves around crying. Once you defeat an enemy, the Danmatsuma Thoughts, or also known as the last moments of the dead, will appear. By crying, it will purify the thoughts and it will help to develop the protagonist mentally. There are weapons called the Shisou or Mental Armor which you can obtain throughout the game.

Crystar, PS4, PlayStation 4, US, Western, localization, Spike Chunsoft

As of now, the European version is not yet listed on our website. So, please wait for it, folks. However, the US Version of Crystar is now available for pre-order. Click the button below to pre-order yours now!


Crystar, PS4, PlayStation 4, US, Western, localization, Spike Chunsoft

Meanwhile, the Japanese and the Asian Version of Crystar is still available on our website. The Asian Version is available in Chinese and Japanese subtitles. So, if you want to grab these versions, click the button below to order yours now!


Read more about the game here.



  • Fight through Your Tears in This Action RPG – Combat the Souls of the dead as you explore the after-world of Purgatory. Play as four different characters and unlock their memories to learn the truth behind their stories and secrets
  • Power through Grief – The battle system includes an otherworldly being who fights alongside you. Gather your grief and endure Torments to summon your Guardian!
  • Tears Give You Strength – Crying will help you take down monsters and empower your equipment. In Crystar, tears aren’t a sign of weakness, they are a sign of strength


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