KILL la KILL the Game: IF for PS4 & NS – Ryūko…battle harder, faster, stronger!

KILL la KILL the Game: IF

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Fighting Wonder

Established in August 2011, Trigger Inc. is probably the best animation studio of the 201X years. Founded by Masahiko Ōtsuka & Hiroyuki Imaishi; two people who have worked to revolutionary series of the caliber of Gurren Lagann, Neon Genesis Evangelion, FLCL, and many other ones. They’ve not only brought great anime such as Little Witch Academia or Promare, but also Trigger has cooperated with several video games’ developers to enrich titles like Project X Zone, and Fire Emblem Fates with ultra-stylish illustrations, and immersive opening movies.

But this is not all! Indeed, Trigger is famous worldwide for a uniquely gripping series who mix very different genres to offer something legendary: KILL la KILL!
Starring Ryūko Matoi, the most bad-ass heroines in the whole anime industry!!! wearing the incredible battle-ready sentient sailor uniform called Senketsu; her mission is to find the second half of the Scissor Blade, and once found it eliminate the apparently sweet Nui Harime. The responsible girl of the Ryūko’s father murder. In only 25 episodes; KILL la KILL melt action, comedy & magical-girl elements to give us something extreme!
Showing hundreds of crazy and wild situations; this series won a lot of prizes including the “Best Character Design”, “Best Scripts”, and the “Best Music” at the 4th Tokyo Anime Award.

The Ryūko’s legacy cannot be considered complete only with figures, soundtracks, BDs, and toys. Indeed, Arc System Works and Trigger have announced that the much-awaited KILL la KILL the Game: IF for PS4 & NS will be released this week! Following a brand new “what if” story written for the occasion by Kazuki Nakashima, the scriptwriter of the anime series, this video game will let you experience the incredible excitement of the anime firsthand. According to Satsuki Kiryūin (the president of Honnōji Academy’s Student Council) “Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! Contradiction is truth!”, and this motto makes her the most authoritative character of the academy.
But do you know which are the reasons behind this behavior? Well, playing with this fighting game all of them will be revealed, and…maybe…from her perspective, you’ll not consider her decisions so wrong.
Featuring 12 playable characters; the fans will immediately recognize all the Honnōji Academy superstars. All of them are ready to fight fiercely; do you have what it takes to win even if you wear common human clothing? It’s time to discover how strong you are!

The visually astonishing anime cel-shaded graphic style along with the incredibly detailed 3D rendered backgrounds offer you the most fluid and brilliant visual experience ever. Also, the dynamic camera of KILL la KILL the Game: IF for PS4, and NS burst the battles to life with frenzied particle effects from a multitude of special moves and wonderful gameplay mechanics. Arc System Works and Trigger have implemented a massive 40+ hours Story Mode (that will reveal all the most hidden secrets of series’ universe), and if you’re looking to become a battle star; you can fight against hundreds of opponents from all around the globe to reach the top of the rank match chart.
Amazing, trendy, imperishable…these three words describe perfectly the gameplay experience of KILL la KILL the Game: IF for PS4 & NS. Delivering a legendary fun-fighting game to all people who love the series; you must be ready to face your destiny digitally or physically!
Now, you’re going to tell me who this Scissor Blade belongs to…


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