[Omega] Labyrinth Life for NS & PS4 – Baby, it’s too much, my body!

Omega Labyrinth Life

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: Opparadise Roguelike RPG

Aim for excellence, enter in the Bellefleurs Girls’ Academy!
Since 2015, our school encourages intellectual enjoyment, curiosity, creativity, independence of thought, and effective learning habits. Providing also a wide range of extracurricular activities among a supportive, and ambitious learning community; our main goal is to instill in our students a lifelong love of learning to prepare them for a fast-changing world. All our teachers are highly qualified, dedicated and inspirational. We combine the best of traditional approaches with innovative teaching methods to ensure that lessons are very dynamic and exciting.
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Hinata Akatsuki is the new student of the prestigious Bellefleurs Girls’ Academy; the day before the start of classes she wandered among the magnificent garden of the school when she discovered that the garden luxuriant is due to the legendary flower known as Flora. But that’s not all…inspired by curiosity and gumption; Hinata-chan learned that the power of this mystical flower is coming to an end, and to restore it she, in the company of her new classmates will go deeper underground in an always changing dungeon to save the garden once for all. Ladies and gentlemen enjoy the next generation of the worldwide beloved Opparadise-genre with Omega Labyrinth Life for Nintendo Switch & Labyrinth Life for PlayStation 4.

Providing a totally renewed sexy “chest-expanding bra” mechanic; in both the versions you must battle hard to earn the ultimate Omega Power.
Featuring the brand new Oppai Appraisal mechanic; thanks to which you’ll be able to unlock dozens of useful items simply using the breast. With them, you’ll be able to defeat all the monsters in a very unconventional way but pay attention…because the dungeons are that you could lose your way very easily.
The more you’ll explore, the more your breast size will enlarge; reach the full potential, and when ready unleash the explosive (in every way) Hatsumune Mode!!!

As you probably already know; this game will be released in two versions. While Omega Labyrinth Life for Nintendo Switch includes ALL the characteristics who made the series so popular; Labyrinth Life for PlayStation 4 is a sort of light version of the original game. Following the new, questionable policies of Sony; the developers have removed the majority of the ecchi features, keeping intact all the fun 😉
Colorful, cheerful, and with a lot of beautiful ladies; this game features a higher level of strategy than before. There is more balance between the RPG elements and the notorious chest-pushing scenes, and don’t forget that beyond the new characters, items, and gameplay systems, one thing remained the same Boobs! small boobs! HUGE BOOBS!! And every size in between!!

Glamorously out of proportions; with Omega Labyrinth Life for Nintendo Switch & Labyrinth Life for PlayStation 4, you can enjoy a plethora of anime-style cut-scenes, sexy costumes, and visually astonishing artworks digitally or physically.
R U ready to play with the most voluptuous games of the year?


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