Official Statement regarding (Omega) Labyrinth Life DLC, first print orders to receive digital voucher

Playasia would like to help clarify the situation regarding DLC redemption for the Asia release of day 1 editions of Omega Labyrinth Life for Nintendo Switch & Laybrinth Life for the PS4. We apologise for any inconvenience caused during the wait and are helping to make sure all available content is delivered in a timely fashion.

An Official statement from H2 Interactive regarding the Omega Labyrinth Life Day-1 DLC:

Omega Labyrinth Life (Multi-Language) Day-1 stocks include 1 DLC which contains Weapon & Shield content. There was a delay in shipment of the DLC voucher from us. The DLC will be supplied to Asia Entertainment Technology [Playasia] quickly and we apologise for the delay.


Working closely with H2 Interactive, Playasia will begin to deliver a digital DLC voucher to all customers who ordered a standard edition first print copy of Omega Labyrinth Life for Nintendo Switch and/or Labyrinth Life for the PS4. The voucher will be delivered to the email address associated with the Playasia account used for the purchase of a copy of Omega Labyrinth Life. In the event of any issues arising with your DLC delivery please contact our customer service at


Instructions to redeem your code, once received (Nintendo Switch):

The Nintendo Switch is region free, and offers multiple profiles with different regional settings.

  • Navigate in your browser of choice to
  • If you have an existing ID, log in with that ID or create a new ID with the region set to Hong Kong.
  • Link this existing or newly created ID to an available profile on your Nintendo Switch.
  • Log in to the Hong Kong eShop & redeem your code.


Currently unavailable downloadable content within Asia:

  • Queen’s Whip (Weapon)
  • Bondage Shield (Shield)
  • Maiden Costume “Swimsuit” Set of 7
  • Maiden Costume “Animal” Set of 7



2 Responses

  1. danny says:

    i preordered the limited edition version, will i be getting this too?

    • Fem says:

      Hello Danny,

      Yes, you will also get the DLC as well.

      Thanks for visiting our website
      Playasia Team.

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