Vasara Collection for PS4, PSV, NS & XB1 – 100% Xtreme mechavaganza!

Vasara Collection

PlayStation®4, PlayStation®Vita, Nintendo Switch, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Sengoku Shoot’em up

Acting without restraint, wild license, eccentricity; these are some meanings of the Japanese term Vasara or Basara (婆娑羅).
Originally used to indicate the Vajra; a Buddhist ritual weapon that includes the properties of the diamond (indestructibility) and the thunderbolt (power), it is often paired with a bell, and together they symbolize wisdom and compassion. But that’s not all; indeed, it is also the Japanese name for the Bodhisattva Mahāsthāmaprāpta which represents the power of the wisdom. Belonging to the extremely powerful Twelve Heavenly Generals, the translation of his name is “arrival of the great strength”. This is why this word compares also in games in which the characters making extensive use of their powers; just to name a few, we have Sengoku Basara, Kubikiri Basara from Samurai Shodown, and Vasara series. Begun in 2000, this bullet-hell series is probably the best shoot’em up series of early 21st Century; developed by Visco Corporation who has also published true Neo-Geo gems like Breakers, Ganryu & Neo Drift Out: New Technology, Vasara is set in an alternate Sengoku Japan in which traditional bushidō and hi-tech war machine coexist.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the second great unifier of Japan is dead; a new clan from Mikawa Province is rising, determined to gain control on the whole country…the Tokugawa. Surrounded by stronger and predatory neighbors Ieyasu, the founder of the future shogunate do anything to conquer all the territories in the hands of rival clans. Using diplomacy, and iron fist; Ieyasu hire thousands of skillful warriors, but this is not enough…to let grow his political influence much quicker, he orders the construction of a highly advanced robotic army. Due to the massive usage of these new machines; Ieyasu crushes all of his opponents in no time; the Tokugawa shogunate is now a reality. But not all the generals pledge their allegiance to the tyrant, and three brave warriors; Keiji Maeda, Yukimura Sanada & Saiga Magoichi, who fought him with all their forces can’t hide any longer. The time to put an end to this reign has come, and the best way to do it is attacking with a flying machine.
So turn on your PS4, PSV, NS or XB1 because Vasara Collection is approaching faster than light!

Including the two episodes; this compilation is a godsend for all the gamers who love old-school maniac shooters. Using two types of attacks: normal bullets, and the extremely powerful melee attacks who also deflect enemy shots; Vasara Collection for PS4, PSV, NS & XB1 let you relive the glorious arcade treasures of the past with a pinch of innovation. In fact, in this game, you’ll find ALL the legendary features who made the series so great, but also the new Timeless Mode by which you can destroy Tokugawa’s army through a one-of-a-kind procedurally generated 3D scenario that will make this danmaku experience more destructive than ever. Lightning-quick reflexes are needed to win these battles, shoot your way through fortresses, harbors, plains, and many other beautiful locations that will witness your carnage for freedom. Alone or with up to 4 allies; in Vasara Collection for PS4, PSV, NS & XB1 you must be prepared to blast squadrons of deadly airships inspired by Japanese mythology. Thanks to its beautiful soundtrack, impressive art style, addictive high-speed action, and original plot, this collection is an actual must-have for every gamer worthy of this title.

More electrifying than lightening, Vasara Collection for PS4, PSV, NS & XB1 is a digital-only treasure chest that will let you drool on the controller.
Play with both episodes, and they’ll bring you back to unparalleled, glorious arcade experiences of the early 2000s!


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