Tokyo Chronos for PSVR – Welcome to Shibuya, city of mystery…

Tokyo Chronos

PlayStation®VR Ι Genre: VR Mystery Adventure

Established during the 11th Century, the Tokyo suburban ward of Shibuya is nowadays one of the most popular places in the world. Originally, it was a quite large village divided into three zones (Kami-Shibuya, Naka-Shibuya, Shimo-Shibuya); its name refers to the noble family who has ruled it; considered an autonomous entity, Shibuya started to become popular when in 1932 the Tōkyū Tōyoko Line made it an important station on the train line that connected Tokyo to Yokohama.  Since then it grows in popularity, and soon become one of the most lively areas among the whole capital.
Also, due to its proximity to Harajuku, through the years Shibuya turned into an actual forge for brand new sub-cultures & never seen before street fashion styles. Mori-Kei, Gothic Lolita, Ganguro & Kogal are just some of the styles born in Shibuya, which became a national or global phenomenon. Obviously an important location like this couldn’t go unnoticed; in fact, thousands of manga, anime, movies, and video games are set in here. Persona5, Kamen Rider or The World Ends with You, just to name a few portray faithfully its iconic spots like the Hachikō statue, the crowded crossing or the legendary Shibuya 109 tower, but they are not the only ones; indeed Shibuya is present present in a large number of opuses.
But from today, there’s another way to explore it as never before, to delve into it you need a PlayStation VR and a copy of Tokyo Chronos!

Kyosuke Sakurai is a private 16 years old student that one day finds himself in a parallel dimension of the ward. Empty and suspended in time; this version is known as Chronos World. Apparently, Kyosuke seems the only person inside it, but he’ll soon discover that nothing is as it seems. Indeed, other than him, there are 8 people who are his childhood friends: Karen Nikaido, Yuria Togoku, Yu Momono, Sai Kamiya, Ai Morozumi, Sota Machikoji, Tetsu Kageyama & the mysterious Lowe. Very different for cultural backgrounds, and lifestyles; all of them are trapped and there’s no escape from there. Also, a voice inside their heads repeats continuously: “I am dead. Who killed me? Who am I? Why did we lose our memory? Who is the killer?”
What does this mean? It’s time to join the minds, because Tokyo Chronos for PSVR will shake your brain, and your nerves to the very limit.

Featuring a truly immersive story filled with an unexpected turn of events plus absolute gameplay freedom; this VR mystery adventure will let you discover the darkest secrets of your friends. Learn why all of you are trapped in the Chronos World, and how you are involved in this madness.
The fates of these people interweave tighter and tighter around each other, revealing more about them before everything gets out of hand. To find the way out, you must make the right choices. Yes, Tokyo Chronos for PSVR, different decisions lead to different destinies; providing a complex, engaging story and countless possibilities, this game deserves to be played more and more!
Mixing cutting-edge visuals, incredible thrilling storytelling, and the most realistic reproduction of Shibuya ever seen in a video game; Tokyo Chronos for PSVR can give you the most full sensory immersive experience ever!

If you’re REALLY daring, put on your PSVR device. You will be threatened, tormented, challenged, and scared out of your mind!
In every street, you can get different challenges but remember, you’re not alone and every action has a consequence…


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