Race Your Way As Need For Speed Heat Comes To PS4 And XONE This November

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Need For Speed Heat

PlayStation 4™ and Xbox One™– US, EU, and ASIA

  • Need For Speed Heat is the 24th installment in the Need for Speed series by game publisher Electronic Arts and game developer Ghost Games.
  • Need For Speed Heat is now available for pre-order here at Playasia.
  • The game is bound to release on November 8, 2019.


Need For Speed Heat is an upcoming racing video game and the 24th installment in the Need For Speed series published by Electronic Arts and developed by Ghost Games. The game also commemorates the series’ 25th-anniversary since it released its very first installment in the series way back 1994 entitled The Need For Speed.
This racing game is set in a brand new open-world environment called Palm City, a fictionalized version of Miami, Florida. It is where streetcar racers are gathered to make their names known. By day, players compete in the Speedhunters Showdown, a sanctioned competition where they earn Bank to customize and upgrade their garage of high-performance cars. At night, players risk it all to build their Rep in underground races where a rogue police task force roams the streets ready to take racers down and swipe all their earnings. The roads, the risks, and the rides never end in this street racer where a player can roll deep with their crew, build their garage full of hot cars, and make the city their nonstop playground.

Need For Speed Heat‘s gameplay is a bit different from the previous Need For Speed Payback. NFS Heat doesn’t include a 24-hour day-night cycle but instead, players can switch between day and night. The game will feature 127 cars from 33 different brands including Ferrari whose, not in NFS Payback due to licensing issues and unlike in NFS Payback, performance upgrades no longer comes in random speed cards but unlocked by rep and winning races.

Need for speed heat, xone, xbox one ,ps4, playstation 4 , EU, US, europe, north america, asia, release date, gameplay, features, price, pre-order, ghost games, electronic arts, need for speed 2019, racing game

Are you ready to race your way to Palm City? The game is due out on November 8, 2019, for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Secure your copies now here at Playasia.


Here below are the game’s trailers, features, and screenshots for you to enjoy:



  • Take Chances, Take Victories – Lay it on the line in the Speedhunter Showdown by day, competing to win bank in race, drift, and off-road events. Then take on the city by night and hit up underground street races to build your reputation. Only watch your back when it comes to cops because when the sun goes down you’re not the only one breaking the rules. The thrills never stop as you face big risks that are sure to get your blood pumping
  • Be Unruly, Be Expressive – With even more options to customize your stable of cars as well as personalize your identity behind the wheel, this isn’t the time to hold back – be unique and make sure everyone knows who you are. And that means your wheels too – tune your car’s performance and handling to suit your style then build a crew of online friends and hit the streets to wreak havoc across Palm City. And if anyone tries to stop you… that’s when the real fun starts
  • Beat the Heat – You’ll have to go out of your way to rile up the cops patrolling Palm City during daylight hours. But after dark the rules change when a rogue task force comes out to play – now they’re on the hunt for you and your wheels. Delve deeper into the story and face off against the head of the task force, Lt. Mercer who runs a corrupt operation targeting racers and chopping their cars for cash. Now in Mercer’s sights, you must race to expose the cop’s crooked dealings if you have any hope of staying alive and making it into street racing’s elite



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