River City Girls for PS4, NS & XB1 – Sukeban girls to the rescue!

River City Girls

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Hot Sukeban Action Game

Let’s go back to the 70’s Japan, at that time the karaoke machine made its appearance in several clubs, Koei and SNK were founded, and last but not least the Ūman Ribu (woman’s liberation movement) has started. At that time, women were considered second-class citizens both inside and outside the family; so, in order the make a social change throughout the whole country; many women have started to gather to think the best strategies to change their condition.
These meetings culminated in two important public events; the first was the International Anti-War Day on October 21, 1970; while the second has been held three years after and it was against the Mother’s Day. Due to this social awareness, even the younger girls started to gather in order to reclaim their independency; this phenomenon is still known nowadays as Sukeban.
But what Sukeban counterculture is? It can be translated as “girl boss”; born among the weakest in society in which the consideration for the ladies was almost zero, high-school girls join their forces to use violence as a form of protest against the traditional Japanese patriarchal society. The unleashing of this pent-up anger was absolutely destabilizing; helping the feminist culture to reach its objectives of equality, independency, and rebellion. Dressed with modified school uniforms which were the best ones to hide weapons such as razors, chains or knives; it is estimated that the biggest gang was composed by more than 20,000 girls.
Acquiring even more popularity, during the following years, Sukeban became an important piece of Japanese pop-culture, especially during the 80s and 90s.

Starring in manga (Sukeban Deka), movies (Terrifying Girls’ High School) & video games (Rival Schools); Sukeban girls conquered the hearts of thousands of people both in Japan and abroad. There is one video game series in particular who homage them and their male counterparts (Banchō): Kunio-kun!
Originally released in 1986 for Nintendo Famicom, and based on Technōs Japan’s president Kunio Taki; Kunio-kun is a hot-tempered high-school boy protagonist of more than 30 games which have appeared on dozens of game systems. Created by Yoshihisa Kishimoto; which is also the creator of Double Dragon series; Kunio-Kun is a very eclectic series which genres vary from classic scrolling beat ’em up to crazy food puzzle games.
Titles like Games like Super Dodge Ball, River City Ransom, and Nintendo World Cup despite the obvious differences of gameplay mechanics share the same cast of hot-headed high-school heroes; who have also appeared in the manga, TV drama, and even a live-action movie which helped the series to become a massive worldwide hit.

But even if extremely powerful; this time Kunio and his best friend Riki have been kidnapped by their rivals, and their lives are literary hanging on a thread. The only chance to rescue them is in the fists of Kyoko and Misako; the protagonists of River City Girls for PS4, NS & XB1!
Set in the well known River City; this brand new Kunio-Kun’s spin-off is a game that recalls the good old beat’em up of the 90s. Even if they seem extremely sweet at a first glance; they have a formidable knowledge of the martial arts plus incredible street smarts; these characteristics make both of them the most dangerous fighting machines in town.
Using their hands and their legs in such deadly way; in River City Girls for PS4, NS, and XB1 you must help the girls to pursue the enemies through the streets to reach the hideout where Kunio & Riki are imprisoned.
Only your skills and courage stand in their way, do you have what it takes to meet this new challenge?

Play River City Girls for PS4, NS, and XB1 alone or with your friends. And don’t forget to level-up to unlock new skills that will help you to defeat BIG enemies such as the mighty Abobo from Double Dragon.
Act fast! The clock is ticking on Kunio and Riki; discover how true Sukeban girls really are with River City Girls for PS4, NS & XB1! BARF your enemies digitally or physically over and over again…


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