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Nintendo Direct 09/04/2019


It’s the time of the year again when Nintendo dropped some huge announcements for the new and existing games in the Nintendo Direct which aired yesterday at 3 PM Pacific Time. Nintendo Direct brought a new set of games to await and new updates for the existing games to enjoy more.

So, Switch users are you ready for the biggest announcements have dropped during the September 4th Nintendo Direct? Well, without any further ado, here’s the recap of the Nintendo Direct!

Return of the Obra Dinn

Nintendo, Nintendo Direct, Nintendo Switch, Switch

The puzzle video game developed and published by 3909 LLC for PC, Return of the Obra Dinn is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Switch users, this award-winning indie mystery game will arrive sometime in Fall.

Here’s the overview of the game via Steam below.

the good ship
Built 1796, London ~ 800 tons, 18ft draught
Captain R. WITTEREL ~ Crew 51 men
Last voyage to Orient ~ Cape rendezvous unmet
Contact East India Cy. London Office
for enquiries or testimony

An Insurance Adventure with Minimal Color

In 1802, the merchant ship Obra Dinn set out from London for the Orient with over 200 tons of trade goods. Six months later it hadn’t met its rendezvous point at the Cape of Good Hope and was declared lost at sea.

Early this morning of October 14th, 1807, the Obra Dinn drifted into port at Falmouth with damaged sails and no visible crew. As insurance investigator for the East India Company’s London Office, dispatch immediately to Falmouth, find means to board the ship, and prepare an assessment of damages.

Return of the Obra Dinn is a first-person mystery adventure based on exploration and logical deduction.

Little Town Hero

Nintendo, Nintendo Direct, Nintendo Switch, Switch

Game Freak, a Japanese developer, has unveiled the upcoming original role-playing game Little Town Hero for Nintendo Switch via Nintendo eShop on October 16th. It was previously entitled Town. Also, it features Toby Fox’s music.

Check out the overview below via Nintendo.

Got any ideas, hero?

The story is set in an isolated village on the edge of the world.

The only gate leading outside is heavily guarded by a castle, and the villagers are not allowed to leave.

Most of the villagers don’t give it a thought, and happily go on with their everyday lives.

However, the protagonist is a little different from the others – he wants to see the world outside.

One day, a “Monster” appears in the village, shocking everyone because until then, no one knew such creatures existed.

The protagonist is able to fight it using a mysterious Red stone he found in the coalmines.

In the course of his defense of the village, he gradually unravels secrets of how the stones and the monsters came to be…

Unlike most RPGs, there is no need to fight weak monsters repeatedly to level grind in Little Town Hero.

Instead, you will need to have a good strategy to fight each boss monster one on one.

…Will the protagonist live the adventure he craves and escape the humdrum village life?

Key Features

  • A challenging battle system which relies heavily on coming up with new Ideas and strategies.
  • Compact story progression designed with the busy gamer in mind.
  • Soundtrack by Toby Fox, composer of the background music for Undertale.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo, Nintendo Direct, Nintendo Switch, Switch

In E3 2019, Nintendo surprised us with Banjo & Kazooie as downloadable content characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Now, with the Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo has confirmed Banjo & Kazooie are now available. Plus, a new DLC character is coming in November. Let’s welcome, Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury.

Watch Terry Bogard’s reveal trailer below.


Doom 64

Nintendo, Nintendo Direct, Nintendo Switch, Switch

The well-known publisher Bethesda Softworks will re-release another Doom game on the Nintendo Switch. The game publisher will release Doom 64 via the Nintendo eShop on November 22.

Check out the full details below via Nintendo.

Celebrate Doom‘s 25th anniversary with Doom 64, originally released on Nintendo 64 in 1997.

Take the fight to Hell at home or on-the-go with Doom 644’s triumphant return to Nintendo Switch!

Fight against demons in your crusade to hunt down the Mother of Demons and stop Hell’s invasion. As you battle through more than 30 action-packed levels, be on the lookout for enhanced weapons and secrets to help you put an end to the demonic threat.


Devil May Cry 2

Nintendo, Nintendo Direct, Nintendo Switch, Switch

Dante is coming to Nintendo’s handheld as Capcom has unveiled Devil May Cry 2 is coming to Switch via the Nintendo eShop on September 19th. So, are you ready to dance with the devil once again?

See the overview of the game below via Nintendo.

Dance with the devil once again.

Set some time after the events of Devil May Cry, this sequel adds even more moves to Dante’s arsenal and brings it to the next level of stylishness. Use the wall run to get the vantage point on your enemies, then assault them with a spinning barrage of bullets using Rain Storm. Reprise your role as Dante, or play as the new femme fatale, Lucia, who prefers deadly throwing daggers to bullets and utilizes her speed with ninja-like reflexes. Build up your Devil Trigger gauge, then transform into a powerful demon with enhanced power and speed. While in demon form, Dante and Lucia can also utilize Devil Hearts—amulets that give them special powers like the ability to fly, super speed or even slowing down time.

Devil May Cry 2 also introduces the unlockable bonus mode, Bloody Palace – where players can earn Red Orbs while trying to clear wave after wave of enemies.


Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Nintendo, Nintendo Direct, Nintendo Switch, Switch

Nintendo and Monolith Software collaborate once again to bring the remake of Xenoblade Chronicles entitled Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch in 2020.

Watch the trailer and see the overview below via Nintendo.

Monolith Soft’s epic Xenoblade Chronicles game, which originally launched in 2012 on the Wii system, is destined to be reborn on Nintendo Switch as Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. The game, which chronicles the adventures of Shulk and Fiora, is scheduled to launch for Nintendo Switch in 2020.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nintendo, Nintendo Direct, Nintendo Switch, Switch

New trailer and screenshots are presented in the Nintendo Direct for Animal Crossing. In the latest trailer, it introduces the Deserted Island Getaway Package.

Watch the trailer and see the screenshots below.


SNES Titles via Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo, Nintendo Direct, Nintendo Switch, Switch

Let’s go back to the retro classics with Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES game in the Nintendo Switch Online. 20 classics are coming to the library and it’s now available! Some of the games included are Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Kirby’s Dream Land 3 and more.



Nintendo, Nintendo Direct, Nintendo Switch, Switch

Blizzard Entertainment will bring the Nintendo Switch version of Overwatch on October 15th. This game was first released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 2016.

Check out the overview below via Nintendo.

Get a Golden Loot Box

Purchase Overwatch on Nintendo Switch by December 31, 2019 to unlock a Golden Loot Box with at least 1 guaranteed Legendary item!

Join the fight for the future in the world of Overwatch and choose your hero from a diverse cast of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities. Bend time, defy physics, and unleash a dizzying array of extraordinary powers and weapons. Engage your enemies in iconic locations from around the globe in the ultimate team-based shooter.

Experience the Extraordinary

Speed up and slow down time. Rain destruction from above in an experimental, jet-powered armor suit. Stalk your prey as a wraith-like assassin that can appear anywhere, anytime. Unleash powers such as Dragonstrike, Transcendence, Graviton Surge, and so much more. Every hero has a unique set of devastating, game-changing abilities.

Play Heroes, Not Classes

Every hero has a unique perspective on the battlefield and a story behind how they arrived there. You are a champion of a bygone age wielding his punishing rocket hammer in the service of honor, a robotic monk committed to healing the rifts between man and machine, a genetically engineered gorilla who also happens to be a brilliant scientist, and many, many more.

Fight for the Future…Together

Teamwork is imperative for survival as you enter the fight with friends and comrades. Careful coordination will prove the difference between victory and defeat as your team combines the formidable powers at your disposal to devastating effect.

Shift Your Perspective

Just when it seems like your team is destined to go down in defeat, switch heroes on the fly and change the course of the battle. But don’t forget that your opponents can do the same. Master the game within the game as both teams shift strategies and change heroes to try to gain the upper hand.

The World Is Your Battlefield

Protect the secrets of the mysterious Temple of Anubis in Egypt, safely escort an EMP device through King’s Row in London, and do battle at many other unique locations. Every map has its own distinct feel with unique gameplay and team-based objectives.

Watch the trailer below.

Some Surprising Games Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Along with the biggest announcements above, Nintendo has also revealed new video games in the various genre such as Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise, Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition, Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore and more!

If you missed out the live coverage, check out the Nintendo Direct video below!

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