Monster Hunter World: Iceborne for PS4 & XB1 – Get wild and tough!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

PlayStation®4, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Hunt in the land of the ice and snow

Visitors welcome to Hoarfrost Reach!
In here you can experience extreme cold, infinite mountain ranges, and a myriad of spectacular life forms who await only to be cataloged. Protected by its unique climatic conditions; this land is home to some of the most extraordinary species in the New World. Enormous wyverns like Banbaro or mighty dragons like Velkhana are the perfect examples of the fauna of this unexplored and in many ways challenging territory.
Everyone who dares to explore Hoarfrost Reach will have the chance to follow the footsteps of these magnificent creatures imagining to be an actual pioneer; in addition, here and there you can find some tents left by previous explorers which due to the ice preservation are a great testimony to the past. Wear the warmest clothes you have, and get ready to feel the indescribable emotions that this land let you feel; walk among vast & harsh plains where ice towers stand out majestically to the sky, and wildlife lives in perfect harmony with nature…
Hoarfrost Reach is pure magic!

You’ve explored the New World far and wide (if you haven’t done it yet, act now), so now the time to begin a brand new quest has come because finally Monster Hunter World: Iceborne for PS4 & XB1 is out!
Thanks to this huge expansion for Monster Hunter: World; you’ll enter in an unblemished remote continent where the ice is the master. In here, a lot of never seen before creatures live. Some of them are friendly, and unafraid of humans while some others are very ferocious and always ready to fight to protect themselves, to dominate over all the other creatures, or simply to get food.
Even in here, as Monster Hunter, you’ll be part of a research team; you’ll be called to learn the habits, the abilities, and the weaknesses of these beings in order to spread the knowledge among the people. You know, knowledge is power, and thanks to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne for PS4 & XB1 you can illumine the minds of many people who want to know more & more of the world in which they live in. Unfortunately, sometimes you’ll be forced to kill these natural wonders; so don’t get caught unprepared…stay always alert while you’re tracking them, set traps, and either capture or slay these majestic creatures. Don’t forget that you’re not only a scholar, you’re also a hunter; so when a monster is slain, carve off its horns, scales, and bones, because they can be used to create a huge variety of new weapons and armor.

Savagely filled with new beasts, new bases (with a large menu of new dishes to taste 🤤), new abilities, and many other features to discover; Monster Hunter World: Iceborne for PS4 & XB1 is simply stunning. In Hoarfrost Reach you’ll see with your own eyes the true strength of elemental forces; without any doubt, this is the expedition of a lifetime.
Live a new unforgettable experience that will exceed all your expectations; Hoarfrost Reach is a very large territory, and behind every corner, many surprises can be unveiled in front of you. Explore hundreds of places and meet new people; together you’ll encounter dozens of wild creatures whose natures are true to the spirit of this remote frontier. During the years many determined people have tried to explore this land, but few have succeeded.
Now it’s your turn; equip as best as you can, and set off to conquer it!

Providing an endless challenge very different from any other MH game; Monster Hunter World: Iceborne for PS4 & XB1 will catapult you into a white covered continent of enduring beauty and undying dreams.
Get ready for the greatest adventure of all time digitally or physically, you’ll be not disappointed!


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