Borderlands 3 for PS4 & XB1 – Shoot for a better life!

Borderlands 3

PlayStation®4, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Vault Rush Action Game

In the year 2864 many things are different from now; new worlds have been discovered, Earthlings are in touch with other races from deep space, practically everywhere you can find hi-tech devices such as affordable spaceships or mechas. But there’s one thing that has never changed the love of war. You know, in the past thousands of philosophers & writers have imagined a peaceful future where all the people live in harmony…well, there’s a single word to describe them…utopian!
Yes, ‘cause since Pandora has been discovered thing got worse for all the galaxy; like the mythical box, its discovery unleashed a so great quantity of evils that now trillions of beings are infected unveiled their darkest side. To be honest the planet is not so bad; filled with weird creatures including Rall Hives, Boroks, Threshers, and many others which I am not going to list here, if you’re an aspiring biologist in here you can find a lot of creatures and plants that exist nowhere else. Pandora is the perfect locations also to who is looking for tranquility; well as long as to avoid the zones near to the Vaults. Indeed, due to its presence, hundreds of thousands of wannabe treasure hunters came down in force to see if the rumors about it were real. If you’re not aware of Pandorian cultural heritage, maybe you don’t know what a Vault is; so a little explanation is compulsory.

In few words, more legendary than real, rumors say that this hidden place contains a lot of ancient alien relics; the one who gets his hands on them will be rewarded with everlasting fame, richness, power, and all that comes with that. Not bad, uh?!
Just a shame that through the decades almost all the people who have reached Pandora ruined it forever; now this once quite planet at the edge of the galaxy is nothing but a huge battlefield full of wannabe “Vault Hunters”! All this mess it’s Patricia Tannis’ fault; she’s the first one who stepped foot on here establishing the ECHOnet, a wireless communication system that made the life of non-indigenous beings sustainable. Thank you very much Ms. Tannis, Pandorians will be eternally grateful to you for turning our planet into a new theme-park for galactic prospectors. We know, despite the protest message above; the technology hidden in the Vaults is the forbidden desire of 7,729,556,945 people scattered on Earth. So, why don’t you get your hands of it before anyone else? All you need to have is a working PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, and a copy of Borderlands 3!

Set 5 years later the second episode; it is set for the very first time outside Pandora. A new sect known as Children of the Vault is acquiring more and more proselytes among the galaxy; this new cult created by the so-called Calypso Twins aim to use the hi-tech devices of the Vaults to bring destruction everywhere just for fun, and to do it they’ve recruited displaced & desperate people ready to anything for a [false] promise of a better life.
Starring the new recruits FL4K the Beastmaster, Zane the Operative, Amara the Siren & Moze the Gunner; in Borderlands 3 for PS4 and XB1 you’ll join the most rag-tag band of Vault Hunters (& unlikeliest paladins) of the whole galaxy. Go put a bullet into opponent’s heads to take what is yours by right; featuring more madness, more weapons, and more loots, travel to the edge of the worlds to set free all those hopeless people, and shoot down the Children of the Vault cult once for all. Get deadliest firearms and supplements; Borderlands 3 has everything for you in the handy places. This is a long trip that you either return legendary or don’t return at all.

From Pandora to the unknown and beyond; Borderlands 3 for PS4 & XB1 offers a brand new, unique story where every single bullet will drive the path of the destiny of a whole galaxy. Legions of thugs stand between you and the Calypso Twins; together you and your friends can save the (once) free worlds digitally or physically!
Vault Hunters save Galaxy!


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