Shenmue III TGS 2019 Trailers: Spirit of the Land & A Day in Shenmue Japanese Version

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Shenmue III

PlayStation 4™ – US, EU & ASIA

We’re two months away from the Ys Net-developed adventure Shenmue III to come PlayStation 4 and PC. And to keep the hype train going, Deep Silver released a new trailer for the game titled “Spirit of the Land” at Tokyo Game Show 2019

The three-minute-long trailer gave us a fresh look of the game’s stunning and vivid environment with a sprinkle of some gameplay. Plus, we also got a glimpse of the game’s romantic scenery with some gameplay taken from the night time, showing Shenmue III’s wondrous lighting and nightlife. 

Also, the previously released “A Day in Shenmue” trailer got a Japanese version as well. 

Check out the new videos and screenshots below.

A Day in Shenmue Trailer (Japanese Voice Version)

Spirit of the Land Trailer


Thanks, Gematsu

Story & Gameplay

Presumably, Shenmue III will be the conclusion to the original story of Shenmue. Set after the events of Shenmue II, Shenmue III will take players in the year 1987. Here in this narrative, Ryo traveled from Yokosuka to China to seek vengeance on the man that killed his father.

While exploring the Chinese wilderness, Ryo meets Ling Shenhua – a girl who’s been showing up in his dreams. Apparently, fate united the two and team up to hunt down the main antagonist of this narrative, Lan Di, and achieve Ryo’s quest for revenge.

Shenmue III will be set in an open world according to the series director, Yu Suzuki. He also stated that there will be a part of the game where Ryo makes phone calls to his colleagues back in Japan, which will, in turn, improve connections.

Read more about the game here.


Shenmue III, Shenmue 3, release date, gameplay, trailer, PlayStation 4, Gamescom 2019, game, update, story, new trailer, A day in Shenmue

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Enjoy the trailer, features, and screenshots for the game below.


In 1987, following the events of Shenmue II, teenage martial artist Ryo Hazuki has journeyed from Yokosuka, Japan, to the mountains of Guilin, China, in search of his father’s killer, Lan Di. There he met Ling Shenhua, a mysterious girl who previously appeared in his dreams. After learning the legend of her village, which foretells a united path between them, Ryo and Shenhua embark on a new journey which reveals their shared destiny. Lan Di returns with a new antagonist, Niao Sun.


  • One of the most anticipated video games in history, from legendary game developer, Yu Suzuki
  • Epic Adventure – Immerse yourself in the stunning and magical world of Shenmue
  • Breathing, Living World – Explore inside and outside buildings, take on part-time jobs, play arcade games, and interact with local inhabitants of beautiful Chinese locales
  • Martial Arts Action – Put your training and upgraded skills to the test via intense free battles and intense Quick Time Events
  • Solve the Mystery – Converse with a colorful and diverse cast of characters and follow leads from those who hold the answers to the mysterious Phoenix Mirror


Shenmue III, Shenmue 3, release date, gameplay, trailer, PlayStation 4, Gamescom 2019, game, update, story, new trailer, A day in Shenmue


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