TGS 2019 is the heaven for merch hunters!

Gamers, Cosplayers, Otakus the Tokyo Game Show 2019 has just started, but we’ve found dozens of items that will make you extremely happy!
For three days the legendary Makuhari Messe is the epicenter of Japanese pop-culture; obviously, we cannot miss it this important event, and wandering from booth to booth we have found not only such good games but also thousands of great merch that bring even more epicness in your homes!

Musica maestro! What’s better than a triumphant orchestral entrée? We strongly believe that this is the best way to start a brand new day, so let prepare your ears and hearts for some deeply emotional journeys into the magic kingdoms of Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, and last but not least NieR series…



Why going around unnoticed? Show everyone that you’re a proud hardcore gamer wearing all those clothes that will let you change into the greatest geek superstar in town. Directly from Raccoon City, the Umbrella Corporation has produced a new line-up of thrilling Biohazard’s tees; don’t worry T-Virus is not included!


If zombies are not your best friends, then you can find a more congenial company within the Monster Hunter guilds, the teams of pro-Gran Turismo drivers or in case you’re an admirer of the glories of the past; there are only three words to shout…Megadrive, Dreamcast, Sonic…in essence SEEEEEGAAAA!!!!


Are all of these too calm to you? Great, we love daring people, if you feel a legendary adventurer without fear at TGS found what you were looking for!!!
The Cordyceps infused tees from The Last of Us, and the mystic Adventurer Cape from ItemYa, they will protect you everywhere you go; ’cause sometimes life is a wonderful RPG!

Well…well…well, is there something missing? Obviously yes! The time to increase your figures’ collection has come, so take a look at the best of the fest!
Fastest hedgehogs in the west, Ex-SOLDIERS, post-atomic company mascots, brave heroes equipped with blade of light, and androids from a dark future are all here to whet your appetite…do you really want to leave them alone in the display windows? How cruel you are…

That’s all folks (for now); don’t forget to follow our blog. Many other updates will appear in the next few minutes; because you know…

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