Daemon X Machina for NS – Machines…this planet belongs to humans!

Daemon X Machina

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Mecha Mercenary Action

Supermoon, Harvest Moon, Blue Moon, and Blood Moon. When you look up in the sky; our satellite is always different. Sometimes you can see it much bigger than normal or with a different kind of color hue; in reality, the moon does not change its dimension or color, but we can see different due to its position between our planet and the sun. In particular, there’s a kind of unusual moon that has unleashed the fantasy of Earthlings; the so-called Blood Moon.
Named that due to its peculiar red shades; it occurs when a total lunar eclipse happens, and the only light which reaches its surface comes from the edges of our atmosphere. Anyway, for some people, this perfectly natural event is a portent of doom. In 2014 a couple of preachers have declared that the occurrence of four consecutive lunar eclipses (scientifically called tetrad), would mark the begin of the apocalypse. This prophecy was based on the biblical Book of Joel in which it is written that “the sun will turn into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes”.
Luckily this doomsday scenario remained confined in the speculation field, but Marvelous took it very seriously creating a new exciting game in which the Blood Moon is the beginning of the end; obviously, we’re talking of Daemon X Machina for Nintendo Switch!

Set in the near future, during the event remembered as “The First Day”; the moon turned into a vivid red never seen before, and within few hours a strange substance called Femto reached the Earth bringing unbelievable effects. Indeed, all the machines became sentient starting to rebel against their creators. To prevent the total annihilation of humankind governments cooperated created a task force of elite mecha pilot in order to stop their advance. Composed of seven soldiers led by the F.O.U.R. (Face Of User Radiate) artificial intelligence; this group of future saviors uses the most advanced mechas to save the whole planet from this never experienced before threat!
In Daemon X Machina for Nintendo Switch; you’re the new recruit of this special elite army. So get ready to engage dozens of suicide missions to the four corners of the world in which millions of hopeless people put all their trust in you. Completely adaptable to your piloting style, these mechs knew as Arsenal can be customized from the roots to provide the most efficient battling experience ever.

Bringing the greatest speedy mechaction of this year; Daemon X Machina for Nintendo Switch will let you unlock the full power of the Arsenal mechs. Enter in the cockpit of these armored mechanized soldiers, and fighting the rebel machines you will discover the true value of life. Featuring an intense & mature story that imprints the grand tragedy of war into your heart; this game will lead to rid overpopulated megalopolis, and small villages. Step on the gas, and learn how to get the best from your robot. Re:conquer all the invaded territories mission by mission, and don’t forget to spend the earned money to build the most powerful mech ever built.
Blast your way using the devastating fire weapons at your disposal; this title is a real treasure for all the ones who are hungry for non-stop hardcore arcade action. This is the ultimate cyberbattle for earthly domination, so don’t underestimate your duties because the life on this planet depends upon you.

Created to protect and destroy; fasten your seatbelts digitally or physically, and get ready for the most eye-popping, pulse-pounding, mind-blowing mech-ride of your life…Daemon X Machina for Nintendo Switch!
Be smart & ready to strike, and you will prevail!


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