Mega Man Zero / ZX Legacy Collection Presents Z Chaser Mode | TGS 2019

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Mega Man Zero / ZX Legacy Collection

PlayStation 4™, Xbox One™ & Nintendo™ Switch – US & JAPAN


Capcom is one of the presenters of this year’s Tokyo Game Show. And, one of the games coming from this particular game publisher is the recently announced collection of Mega Man games entitled Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection.

During the TGS 2019, Capcom unveiled the new game mode for this collection, introducing the Z Chaser Mode! There are three gameplay rules for the Z Chaser Mode: Single, Double and World Record. The first two modes are suitable for live multi-players and meanwhile, the World Record will bring out the best in you as you challenge the players around the world.

Check out the official announcement via Twitter below.

Check out the trailer below and more details below via Siliconera.

  • Single Chaser: The rules are simple: Race against the clock and clear each stage! Includes five difficulty levels from ‘B’ to ‘ZZ’! Zoom through each stage to beat your best time! Every millisecond counts! Twelve stages in total! Do you have what it takes to defeat your rivals?
  • Double Chaser: Go head-to-head with friends in local play on one console!
  • World Record Chaser: Download top-ranked replay data from players across the globe and challenge their best times!

For the game overview, enjoy the six games in one collection which also features the two series of the Mega Man with new features suitable for the new players and long-time fans of this iconic series. It also includes an in-game gallery that features more than 600 artworks and a music player which plays the original and the rearranged compositions.


Mega Man Zero / ZX Legacy Collection, Mega Man, Rock Man, Capcom, PS4, XONE, Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Pre-order, US

Mega Man Zero / ZX Legacy Collection is coming on January 21, 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Here at Playasia, this game is now available for pre-order. Click the button below to pre-order your copies right now!


Read more about the game here.


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  • Zero and ZX series on modern consoles – Join the Resistance as the titular fan-favorite protagonist in the four Zero games. Defend the innocent from Mavericks and discover your destiny as either the male or female protagonists of ZX and ZX Advent
  • All-new competitive rush mode – Z Chaser Mode allows players to race to complete challenges from both the Zero and ZX games
  • Newcomer friendly Casual Scenario Mode and Save-Assist System – New players can jump right into the futuristic universe of the Mega Man Zero and ZX series with a new Casual Scenario Mode. Bounce back from mistakes using the new optional Save-Assist system to revive at the most recent map checkpoint without losing a life
  • Improved visuals and layout options – Experience the games as they were first released with a monitor filter option that features the original sprite art, or toggle the smooth filter on for a clean look to the charming, classic sprites. Freely choose from a variety of layout options for the ZX series’ dual-screen displays and controls at any time
  • In-game gallery and music player – Take a look back at the history of the Zero and ZX series with each collection’s massive repository of original production art, including a music player filled with tunes from the original games. Those who pre-order the collection will also have access to the ten special arrangements included in the Mega Man Zero / ZX Reploid Remixes


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