Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland Retro – Pokémon who?

Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland Retro

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Blast from the Past

Since 1998, the wonderfully rich universe of Dragon Quest entered into a new dimension in which the enemies are not mere opponents to defeat in order to proceed in the adventure, and save the kingdom, but they turned into allies that when properly captured and trained they are a very useful hand to all the aspiring heroes who wander far and wide in search of adventures that will let them enter into the legend.
Obviously, this dimension has a name: Dragon Quest Monsters!

Released for Game Boy Color in the first chapter of this long life, hugely beloved spin-off series all the epic enemies from Dragon Quest show off their fierceness and their cuteness to all the inhabitants of Gaia Kingdom; starring Terry, the skilled, but loudmouth swordman from Arkbolt, it marks his very first adventure. Yes, because in Dragon Quest Monsters (or Dragon Warrior Monsters as it is known in the west), he’s a child. Set quite a time before the advent of Mortamor in Dragon Quest VI; in this title, he must rescue his sister from the cuddly pink & furry clutches of Warubou, and the only way to bring back the girl is to go to the land of GreatTree to win the Monster Trainers’ Starry Night Tournament. Finally, boundaries between kingdoms get knocked down & all monsters come together in the ultra-stylish Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland Retro for Nintendo Switch for a brand new monstrous battle experience; providing more than 600 creatures, this game boasts the largest stable of Dragon Quest creatures.
From familiar faces, such as the Slime to never seen before wannabe superstars like the one and only FunkyBird, armies of once upon a time enemies are waiting for you to fight exciting battles inside the arena. Be sure and take good care, and if you do it well, you will have at your disposal the most powerful roster in all GreatTree.

Featuring a nostalgic LCD art-style; Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland Retro for Nintendo Switch is a very lovely homage to the series, and also the best way to celebrates its 20th Anniversary.
In this (wonder)land of magic ‘n monsters you must face hundreds of skilled trainers and wild creatures who only wait to add a more victory to their curriculum, and once you’ve reached the needed strength; you’ll be ready to reclaim your champion title joining the first-class tournament; in there many strong opponents will participate, but don’t waste your time and efforts with the small fishes, focus on the big ones, and win over them, only in this way your sister will be safe!
But that’s not all…victories will unlock also many legendary prizes that will improve the skills of your pupils to infinity and beyond; so don’t be afraid, charge into the fray!

As you maybe already know, there’s no gain without pain, to reduce the losses to the minimum check the abilities of your monsters carefully, and in case someone is too weak get ready to evolve. cover an important part of the adventure. Capture, train, and improve your roster of unconventional warriors as much as you can, and work hard to unleash their inner secret powers!
The Dragon Quest legend continues digitally with Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland Retro for Nintendo Switch; start to train today and let show to the GreatTree’s trainers what you are made of!


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