AI: The Somnium Files for PS4 & NS – Do I dream or wake?

AI: The Somnium Files

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Dreamy Mystery Adventure

As long as humans exist, the world of dreams is frequently visited any time of day and night.
Passing through ages, and civilizations, dreams have been interpreted to find solutions to the problems of the people; in ancient Greece, it was believed that two gates allow the entry in this realm. One was made in horn and the other in ivory; while the first let people see the true dreams, the latter shown the false ones misleading the dreamer to experience enormous disappointments.
Present in the Odyssey, in the Aeneid, and many other classic opuses; these two gates have been used as inspiration to all those had to begin a new chapter in their lives. Since those times, even more, scientists, writers, artists, and down, down to the common people have speculated about the origin and the meaning of dreams. For example, Little Nemo in Slumberland, Inception, and Alice in Wonderland bring us into the charming, and sometimes bizarre dream world.

Even philosophy tried to give its explanation to this common, but still unknown, phenomenon, while the discipline known as Oneirology study it from a scientific perspective; the pioneers of this field of study were two French scholars: Marie-Jean-Léon Lecoq and Alfred Maury. Their first book Les Rêves et les moyens de les diriger; Observations pratiques. (Dream and the Ways to Direct Them: Practical Observations) published in 1867 marked the start of this branch of science. According to the Freudian theory, dreams are very useful to understand the unconscious activities of the mind, and if well interpreted they can help to prevent crimes. Basing on this, Spike-Chunsoft has developed a mystery adventure in which dreams and reality melt to create a brand new world in which these two dimensions collide. Get ready to live an exciting mature story with AI: The Somnium Files for PS4 & NS!

Set in a post-modern Tokyo; in this title, you’re Kaname Date, a brilliant detective who normally use unconventional techniques to solve cases…dreams. Now, he’s after a serial killer that killed a friend of him; a young girl whose body has been found on a merry-go-round in an abandoned theme park. To stop him, detective Date will exploit all his skills to find the culprit before he scores another victim. As a special agent of A.B.I.S. (Advanced Brain Investigation Squad); Date-san is not a detective like the others; indeed, thanks to the artificial AI eye, he can travel between the two worlds to discover all the clues that a 100% human person could not find.

Helped by colleagues, and friends including the hugely popular internet idol A-Set; in AI: The Somnium Files for PS4 & NS you’ll be catapulted into a cyber [DrEAM]world enriched by countless twists and turns; be aware that here even the smallest actions and choices can cause dramatic consequences. Travel between the dimensions to hunt the killer, but act fast…the clock is ticking inexorably…turn on your AI, and look around carefully because the one sitting beside you might be him…

Featuring memorable characters, an engaging storyline, and unique gameplay format; AI: The Somnium Files for PS4 & NS is a must-have for all the gamers who want to play with something really exciting and unique. Use your investigation skills to delve into the twisted mind of the serial killer, and earn of the witnesses; they can give you a huge hand to protect the next victim digitally or physically!


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