Songbird Symphony Physical Release Coming to PS4 & Switch!

Songbird Symphony, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Switch, Europe, Pre-order, PQube

Songbird Symphony

PlayStation 4™ & Nintendo™ Switch – EUROPE

  • PQube will release the physical edition for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on September 20th in Europe and November 5th in North America.
  • It was first released via digital last July 25th.
  • Get ready to immerse in this rhythm platformer game with the pixel art graphics.


The UK-based game publisher PQube will bring the physical edition of Songbird Symphony for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on September 20th in the European regions. If you are from the North America regions, please wait for it because the official launch date is on November 5th.

Songbird Symphony was available via digital in Nintendo Eshop, PlayStation Store and Steam last July 25th. Now, thanks to PQube and the game developer Joysteak, physical enthusiasts will get to experience this rhythm-based puzzle-platformer game.

This rhythm platformer game tells the story of a young orphaned bird named Birb. He was discovered by the family of Peacocks when he was abandoned. However, as he grows up, he realizes he’s different from his acquaintances. With this, he sets forth for a journey to discover his true nature as he heads out into a world full of heart-warming discoveries!

Enjoy the adventure with Birb as he meets dozens of cheery denizens with the cutesy graphics and animations as the pixels graphics will let you immerse into the deep tales of the forest. As you are on the journey in the forest, find hidden musical notes which are interspersed at different levels. Catch on the musical segments which make your ears feel good as you challenge your rhythmic skills. Discover the true origin of Birb as unveil the myriad of secrets.

If you are curious with the gameplay of this game, check out the video below.


Songbird Symphony, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Switch, Europe, Pre-order, PQube

Join Birb to discover his true nature in the physical release of Songbird Symphony for PS4 & Switch. Here at Playasia, this game is now available for pre-order. Click the button below to pre-order your copies right now!




  • A wonderful fable – In this journey of self-discovery, Birb will come across dozens of cheery denizens with joyful and bubbly animations. Fly your way across areas rendered in beautiful pixel graphics as you learn more about the tales of the forest
  • A platformer with a musical twist – Come to the aid of the creatures of the forest to find hidden musical notes scattered across the levels. Your good deeds will release extra layers of beats that will blend harmoniously with the soundtrack, bringing further the atmosphere of the world to life
  • Exciting rhythm battles – Learn new notes as you engage in catchy musical segments that will challenge your rhythmic skills. Join the choir and press notes in synchronization with the music to sing along!
  • A vast map packed with secrets – Lead Birb across interconnected levels bursting with life and hidden areas to uncover. Pick up feathers along your way and find their owner to discover myriad of secrets and the lore of this magical world


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