Nintendo Switch Lite – Switch to a new kind of playstyle!!!

More compact, cheaper, brighter, and without added fats, the new Nintendo Switch Lite is the perfect solution if you’re looking for the most delicious game experience with no calories!
Switch your gaming habits a bit with Nintendo Switch Lite; good for the health of everyone the new version of the most popular console of this generation rocks. Its traditional home console + handheld device has been revolutionized, and it’s lighter than ever; in this way you can carry it everywhere you want without any unnecessary weight!
A new kind of playstyle is here, don’t miss the opportunity to play the greatest games even if you’re far from home…
And if you need some suggestions about the best titles around, check here below 😉

Let’s get back to the fantastic universe of The Legend of Zelda!
Finally, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, one of the most beloved episodes of this extremely popular saga returns on Nintendo Switch Lite.
Like a modern Ulysses; in this adventure Link will be forced to wander in the mysterious Koholint Island to find a way to return in Hyrule. Originally released in 1993 for Game Boy; the new version of this classic offers revamped graphics, new dungeons, new mini-games, and much more that will let you enjoy a new experience.
This is all a dream? Or this is real? To discover the truth turn on your Nintendo Switch Lite!

Join Izuru, Toshiki, Kazumi, and all the other superstars coming from the most prestigious academies of Japan with Cardfight!! Vanguard EX!
You know, for all of these teenagers study is important but card fighting is an essential part of their everyday life. This great game based on the popular animated series sees you starts as a novice card fighter working hard to win the National championship. As you’re coached by Aichi you will be battling alongside and against popular characters from the series, but that’s not only this, indeed, if you wander across Tokyo you can meet a large number of characters. Some will help you, while some others will challenge you to intense burning card-duels. Obviously, the more you win and the more you’ll be close to Nationals; prove yourself that you’re the greatest Cardfighter of the century.
With over 1300 cards at your disposal; create your deck, and prepare to fight with thousands of people from all around the world!

The mechapocalypse is here, prevent it with Daemon X Machina!!!
If you are a fan of series such as MS Gundam, Macross or Transformers, then you MUST play this; set in a far future where due to the appearance of a strange material called Femto the earthly machines have acquired a life of their own; you must pilot your faithful steel giant to eradicate this threat from the roots.
Fully equipped with light-fast paced action, tons of enemies & an impressive soundtrack; this title let you f(l)ight at breakneck speeds to destroy hordes of sentient machines both in space and on planet’s surface.
Check the arsenal to choose the best weapons for your playstyle; with this ultra fast-paced mech game, you cannot go wrong!

Go to the farthest future with Darius Cozmic Collection for Nintendo Switch Lite!
Including the greatest retro-gems such as Darius, Darius II, Sagaia, and Darius Gaiden; this one of a kind collection on two volumes is the best dish for all hungry shooting game fans. Enter in the cockpit, and get ready to pilot your silver hawk spaceship; use of your bullets, your bombs and shields wisely to wipe out all those cosmic fishes led by the space tyrant Belser.
The golden age of shooter is strong with this collection, get ready your thumbs because their fusion is approaching (very) fast!

Go Moe with the one and only Genkai Tokki Moero Crystal H!
Hotter, Happier & Harder (😉) than ever; this brand new version of the PSVita classic; the “Dimensional Chasm” has appeared in the skies just when the “Bra of Everlasting Darkness” and the “Panties of Hope” were stolen. The world is now on the edge of falling into the rift… it is up to Zennox, a handsome lecher known as the walking pervert who encounters ‘lucky accidents’ whenever around pretty girls, to rescue the world by retrieving all sorts of stolen bras.
Including all the H DLCs released, all the extremely beautiful monster girls seen in the original chapter, AND with 6 new charming mongals; you’ll easily fall in love with this game 💖 💖 💖

New from the action-game masters PlatinumGames; a brand new hot burning stellar game is coming only on Nintendo Switch…Astral Chain!!!
The year is 2078, and a few years later an almost complete extinction, the humanity suffering another threat that could cancel every traces of it from the planet: the Chimeras. This species of savage interdimensional creatures from the Astral Plane is here corrupt every living being they meet on their way. You as the newest recruit of the Neuron elite police force division must do your part to save as many people as you can.
Run through the futuristic streets of the ARK, the last human’s city, and get into high octane action to investigate over these batch of monsters. Jump between dimensions, and thanks to a highly-advanced arsenal of weapons, hand-to-hand combat skills, and the deadly Sync Attack technology you must bring criminal to justice, and stop an evil conspiracy before it’s too late!

Dressed in red, and master of ninja-architecture superability; Tonkichi is coming to find a new home. The life of Hiroto is sooooo boring, every day it’s the same routine…wake up, go to school, study, play a little with friends, dinner, and then oyasumi nasai.
But one day, he encountered a new friend who changed his life forever: Tonkichi!
In Ninja Box for Nintendo Switch Lite, you must help this dynamic duo to prevent the invasion from the evil ninja Kuromaru, and his army of not-so-smart minions. Armed with a magic hammer, Tonkich must save the city from the dark ninjitsu techniques of the wannabe emperor of evil, and at the same time build the most majestic base ever seen in Japan.
Introducing a brand new genre called “Secret Base Build RPG” [ヒミツキチづくりRPG]; this is the perfect title if you’re looking for something very original that can offers you hundreds of hours of challenging fun!

Since ancient times, the land of Fódlan is divided into three kingdoms: Adrestian Empire to the southwest, the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus to the north, and the Leicester Alliance to the east; while at in the middle there’s a neutral territory known as Garreg Mach Monastery which is the headquarter of the spiritual power, the home of the valiant Knights of Seiros, and above all, the seat of the prestigious Officer’s Academy. A school where the most promising young of the three lands study the fine art of warfare. Depending on where they come from; the students are sorted in one of the three houses: Blue Lions for the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, Golden Deer for the Leicester Alliance, and Black Eagles for the Adrestian Empire. As a new professor of the Academy; in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you’ll be called to train a new generation of heroes teaching them theory and practice.
Be more than a simple professor, be a guide capable to prepare all of your pupils to live a bright future; enlighting a new batch of legendary heroes.
Let your spirit shines across the generations!

That’s all folks…for now!
Don’t waste time. With Nintendo Switch Lite thousands of truly epic games are waiting for you; even if you’re a AAA titles fan or a Nindie player; with the new version of the greatest hybrid gaming machine you can join your favorite heroes to take part in the greatest quests from…everywhere!
And don’t forget that with every purchase on the Nintendo eShop will give you a certain amount of My Nintendo Gold Points. The more you earn, and the more rewards you can unlock; from discounts to exclusive digital contents My Nintendo is a paradise for every gamer worthy of this name!


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