Here’s The Last New Team In River City Melee Mach!! I Watch The Trailer Now!

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River City Melee Mach!!

PS4™ and Switch – ASIA

Completing the list of the 5 new teams in River City Melee Mach!! is the “World Soccer” Team. Arc Systems Works finally released the last team’s trailer on their Youtube Channel. Check it out below!

The 5th team is the World Soccer Team it is a dream team composed of amazing soccer players from various countries, wherein each member has strong kicks and many kick-based special attacks. The team’s captain named is Raphaelle together with Eckert, Aviles, Warioba, Nugema, and Pumipon. (Thanks, Gematsu!)

River City Melee Mach!! is due out next week? We can’t imagine the fun and the chaos of our favorite pixelated characters brawling as their usual selves. The other 4 new teams are the Legend Team, Kirisame Jitsugyou Koukou Team, Hinoshima Koukou Team, and All America Team.

Don’t have your copies yet? Worry no more, pre-order is still available here at Playasia.

In case you missed it…

Game publisher Arc System Works revealed that River City Melee Mach!! is heading to Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch this October 10. River City Melee Mach!! is the enhanced version of the  River City Melee: Battle Royal Special and the new entry to the Kunio- Kun or the River City Franchise. The Asia version includes 5 language options – the Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean.

The gameplay is largely similar to River City Melee: Battle Royal Special where up to four players fight to reign supreme in a chosen arena while using weapons, special moves, and the terrain to their advantage. For this enhanced version they added characters, teams, and moves.

Game Overview

Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun is a popular action game series that debuted in 1986. And now the “win-through fighting” from the series’ most popular title Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku: Soreyuke Daiundoukai returns with significant enhancements!

While the controls remain the same, all other aspects have been significantly enhanced. There are over 180 characters, over 250 special moves, over 30 teams, and more.

Read more about the game here.

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Join the fun, the chaos, and the major brawls together with these cute pixelated characters at River City Melee Mach!!, pre-order now!


Here below are the game’s trailer, features, and screenshots for you to enjoy:



  • New Item: “Bamboo Shoot” – The player that eats it will become gigantic!?
  • New Game Mode: “Change Match” – A battle mode where defeated teammates change characters on the spot. There may be also special gimmicks depending on the stage
  • New Element: “Team Edit” – Assemble your favorite characters to create a dream team!


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