Concrete Genie for PS4 – Become a hero beyond imagination!

Concrete Genie

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: Game against bullying

Unfortunately, bullying is not a modern phenomenon; indeed we can find many examples of this regrettable behavior also in ancient opuses. For example in the Bible (Genesis 37:4) we can read that “When Joseph’s brothers saw that their father loved him more than any of them, they hated him and could not speak a kind word to him”. Obviously, in the literature of all time and cultures, we may find dozens of characters which has been bullied, but all of them belong to the imaginary field; one of the firsts recorded cases date back to 1862 and the protagonists are the British Army and a soldier named John Flood.
Mr. Flood was a young, friendly man while his comrade John O’Dea was the exact opposite: aggressive, bad- behaved, and absolutely irrational. As his intended victim, everyday O’Dea bullied Flood in several manners, and the worst one is when he stripped naked and whipped him. Fell into a depression the poor John Flood was reduced to the shadow of himself.
One day during a sentry duty; O’Dea approached Flood invented some offense and threating him in the worst way possible. So, tired of all the hate, he started to drink as much as he can, and when O’Dea got close to Flood to beat him, he loads the rifle and shot him. Soon after the murder, John Flood had been judged guilty and sentenced to capital punishment creating a scandal among the people.
Indeed, some magazines of that age told the whole story of Flood, and just before his execution, Queen Victoria changed the sentence to life imprisonment. Even if a little side-story in the glorious history of Great Britain, the figure of John Flood teaches us that we must always stay vigilant to fight bullying whenever and wherever it appears.

157 years after, in a small town called Denska, Ash a young boy with a remarkable artistic sense, is bullied by a gang of five stupid people. They stole his sketchbook, tearing out the pages, and scattered them throughout the city; this is how the story of Concrete Genie for PS4 begins…
Ruined by darkness, Denska is now a poor city with no activities, jobs or future prospects; once crowded and bright in few years it has been transformed in one of the most desolate areas of the country. But only its worthy inhabitants know that there’s still a feeble hope to restore all; a mystical paintbrush that can evoke long-forgotten genies, they are the only ones who can eliminate the darkness once for all…

Combining exploratory street-art gameplay with a poignant emotional narrative, Concrete Genie for PS4 is a game that everyone should try; in this robust adventure, you find gorgeous artstyle, anti-bullying features, and above all the innovative “Living Paint” mechanic.
Using your DUALSHOCK®4 as a brush, you can bring to life dozens of wonderful creatures with their own skills and abilities; with their help, you can transform your hometown in a better place without darkness. Denska is your canvas, and you as a post-modern Banksy can create iconic & powerful living works that can literary reach the consciousness. Highly imaginative and colorful, this adventure game is an actual indie gem that will entertain and teach at the same time. More than a common action-adventure game; Concrete Genie for PS4 is a gateway to a wonderful world, artistically filled with creatures, spirits, and monsters. Paint your way to solve the mystery of the darkness. What really is it? Why Denska is now completely covered by it? These, and many other answers about the past, the present, and the future of this little town will be revealed in due time.

Take advantage of your imagination digitally or physically; Concrete Genie for PS4 is an epic tale of courage and personal liberation from the bullies who haunt you. Give your hometown a new shine before it’s too late; change the present to built a brighter future to all the people who live there!


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