Raging Loop for PS4 & NS – Unleash the Kami within you!

Raging Loop

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Ghostly Visual Novel

Ugetsu Monogatari by Ueda Akinari, Yotsuya Kaidan by Tsuruya Nanboku IV & In Ghostly Japan by Lafcadio Hearn; these three popular opuses of Japanese literature have one thing in common, they’re Kaidan Monogatari.
Becoming popular since Edo Period (1603 – 1868) this kind of tales see humans and supernatural beings interact each other for several reasons; in some of them like The Chrysanthemum Pledge we can follow the story of an imprisoned samurai that kill himself to keep an old promise, while in other ones such as Banchō Sarayashiki the spirit of a servant returns in the world of living to haunt people, and get a revenge over the ones who have killed him unjustly.
Formed by two characters: 怪 (kai) which means “strange/mysterious” and 談 (dan) which means “tale”; the popularity of these stories is due to an ancient samurai pastime known as Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai. Played often at night to test the courage of a person, the participants must turn on 100 paper lamps, and put a small mirror on a table; everytime a person finished to tell a story a lamp would be turned off, and then the mirror would be checked to see if a ghost appeared inside there. When 99 tales are told (and 99 lights extinguished) the game stops to prevent the actual apparition of a spirit in the room. The idea behind the Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai has been used, in more recent times, in movies, anime, manga, and also video games.
From the classic Yōkai Hyaku Monogatari movie to Persona series; Kaidan is still today an enormous macro universe filled with hundreds of brave humans, scaring apparition, and even eternal love.

Finally, the latest exponent of this glorious genre has arrived on PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch; sit comfortably because the story of Raging Loop is about to begin.
The remote village of Yasumizu located on the Japanese Alps, and very far from any other urban settlement, is a place where old traditions and beliefs are still regarded as the most important heritage for all the ones who live there.
The day when the young student Haruaki Fusaishi reach it riding his motorbike; he couldn’t have known he was about to change his life forever. Indeed, covered by a mysterious mist, he was attacked by a weird being with a human body and wolf head…but he didn’t die…the creature took him back in time. Investigating more about this bizarre event; Haruaki soon discovered that in the village an old ritual called “feast” is performed once a year. During it, a chosen Yasumizu’s inhabitant is possessed by the spirit of the wolf who exists in the surrounding forests, and the bravest individuals must chase and eventually kill him.
But this time something strange happened…the intended victim (a.k.a. Haruaki) has been not killed, but traveled back in time; in Raging Loop for PS4 & NS, you must help him to survive, and also discover the truth behind the “feast”.

Learn as much as you can about Japanese folklore with this unique visual novel horror adventure; talk with a lot of different people, some of them will be more than happy to explain all about Yasumizu’s cultural heritage, while some other will see you as a menace for the whole town.
In Raging Loop for PS4 & NS the obsession with legends and myths will take you into a spiral more and more bizarre among time and space; the entire town seems possessed, in addition its mature multi-branched story will force you to use your mind and deduction skills to drive the conversations towards your own objectives; remember well that for every action there is a reaction, and if we talk of long-time isolated people with a strong faith in supernatural events, they easily could drag you into an unstoppable spiral of mystery.

Experience horror, mystery, strangeness, and much more digitally or physically with Raging Loop for PS4 & NS; this adventure will give you dozens of hours of authentic thrill like any other game.
Please the ancient gods, and maybe you’ll survive…but don’t tell anyone what you’ve seen in that place!


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