Conception Plus for PS4 – Each star is a mirror who reflects your soul!

Conception Plus: Maidens of the Twelve Stars

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: Bishoujo JRPG

1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1 billion trillion); this is the number of the observable stars among our universe!
So far, we could discover about 10 billion galaxies, and in each of them there is esteem of 100 billion stars, some are newborn while some are dying, but all of them make the night sky one of the best things in nature. A lot of people through the ages have fantasized about them; from classical Greek mythology to Taoist beliefs all of us have heard, at least once, names like Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Orion, Heridanus, Old Man of the South Pole, and Fulushou. A huge number of tales and legends have been written, not only on paper, but also on celluloid or using the binary code, but despite these differences of materials, all of them share the same sense of wonder for these far, brilliant celestial bodies.
Especially in gaming industry stars have been frequently used as main settings of hundreds of exciting adventures between time & space; just to name a few, we have Super Mario Galaxy, Hoshi no Kirby, No Man’s Sky, and Conception.
The latter, is absolutely one of the most interesting JRPG series based on star myths; all is started in 2012 when the first chapter of the saga appeared on PSP, becoming a hit soon after its release; Conception got a second episode in 2013 for Nintendo 3DS & PlayStation Vita, and a very beautiful anime series. If you haven’t played it before; from today you can fill the gap because the enriched version of the original game is finally available for PS4…start a new voyage across the stars with Conception Plus: Maidens of the Twelve Stars!

Itsuki Yuge is a common Japanese student who after losing his parents in an accident live with his cousin, the gorgeous and cheerful Mahiru. One day, she asked him a meeting on the school’s roof; in fact, Mahiru has a big secret, she’s pregnant. As soon as she confides this secret; a mysterious gate appears out of nowhere, calling them into a new world among the stars: Granvania.
This beautiful place is fueled by the so-called Star Energy; a cosmic source of power that allows to keep the whole planet prosperous and give magical skills to its inhabitants. Actually, there are a couple of reasons because they have been called on that distant planet. First is that Mahiru is one of the 12 Star Maidens, mystic beings who are strictly connected with zodiac signs, and on Granvania, Itsuki is worshipped as the God’s Gift, the legendary hero who can eradicate all the impurities from the world.
Only with you, these personalities can fulfill their destinies to save this world from certain ruin!

Part dungeon-crawling RPG and part bishoujo adventure; Conception Plus: Maidens of the Twelve Stars for PS4 is a real surprise. Its story, art-style, and gameplay mechanics make this game a very legendary one; meet all the Star Maidens, talk with them, and choose who is your beloved one…she’ll be the mother of your heir, the extremely powerful Star Child!
Deeping the bonds with them, you & Itsuki will be able to find the origin of impurities and stop it once for all. Obviously, the more, the better; unlock the inner abilities of your horoscope companions, to create the strongest party ever appeared among the stars. Just remember that each girl is very different from the others, so use them strategically to highlight the weak points of the enemies; after all, even if you’re very far from earth a strategic mind can help you more than you imagine. Combine powers, and once the battle is finished have a very relaxing time with the gorgeous Star Maidens. Bringing a new meaning to the “recreational activities” idea; Conception Plus: Maidens of the Twelve Stars for PS4, is a feast for all the lovers of JRPGs and dating simulations.

Conquer the power of the stars digitally or physically with Conception Plus: Maidens of the Twelve Stars for PlayStation 4; let’s start a new journey between the stars…


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