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Death Stranding

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: Gaming 3.0

Loved or hated, Hideo Kojima is an actual superstar!
Starting his career in 1986 his first project was a Penguin Adventure for MSX, a game in which the well known Pentarou (who was also a playable character in Parodius series) must run as faster as he can to find the Golden Apple; the only cure for his sick beloved one.
Including a variety of different stages & enemies; this title was one of the firsts who offered multiple endings to the gamers. Even if not properly a masterpiece; since this first game, the golden touch of Kojima-san was palpable. But as everyone knows, still nowadays his name is strictly connected with a specific series that raised him to the Olympus of the developers; obviously, we’re talking of Metal Gear.
Composed by 21 chapters, Metal Gear has revolutionized an entire industry; since its original release on July 13, 1987, this action-adventure stealth mixed perfectly a magnificent story with great gameplay making it one of the best video games ever released (making also the fortune of Konami).
Ça va sans dire, that through the years Kojima-san has enriched his creature with more mature situations, and philosophical concept, and, without fearing to be denied, he doesn’t only gave us beautiful games to play, but also expresses his anxiety towards a humanity that slowly but inexorably heading straight to the abyss that have created itself with wars, greed, treachery, and power play.

Like David Cronenberg and Shinya Tsukamoto; even Hideo Kojima evoked dramatic images in which are present different avant-garde and experimental concepts and art styles.
For example, if you play with Snatcher, a truly interactive cyberpunk masterpiece; you can feel all the uncertainty for a future in which machines are prominent in human society. Undermining the Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics, in this game we experience how the empowered androids demand a place in society as sentient living beings as such. Inspired by the novels written by William Gibson, Philip K. Dick, and Bruce Sterling; Snatcher is globally considered the best digital cyberpunk adventure of all time.
But stop talking about the past! Finally, Kojima-san has returned with his most personal project, his Magnus Opus, a title that transcends the concept of gaming itself…call it meta-game, call it gaming 3.0 or call it simply with its name: Death Stranding!

Set in a future Earth where humankind has been decimated; Kojima-san grabbed all the apocalyptic sci-fi topos, and bent them to his will creating something never seen before. It is not a mere coincidence if this masterwork has been released 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In fact, to survive in this wasteland, people have built not only physical walls that protect them from the attacks of the savage beings out there but also moral walls which cannot allow the communication among people. These ones are probably more dangerous than any other attack from external creatures because without communication our civilization is destined to disappear.
The protagonist Sam Bridges is to become a real “bridge” among the few surviving people connecting their feelings, their thoughts, and even their souls between them to destroy the Walls who can’t allow the sharing of experiences which are essential for the progress of civilization, whatever it may be. Wandering in an almost deserted planet, Death Stranding for PS4 present the present in a negative light; indeed is our fault if the future world is ruined, but there’s still a ray of light…despite all the incredible technology at his disposal, Sam must rely on the most ancient skill to save his species; human motion!

Probably the most experimental title of the current generation; Death Stranding for PlayStation 4 is a true cyberpunk opus in which the combination of man and metal is intentionally exasperated into a mature opus (call it only a game is reductive) which is inevitably beautiful for some aspects, and miserable for some others. Surely you’ve read a lot of reviews, specials, and news about Death Stranding for PS4; but never as much as in this case the personal experience is essential to make your own opinion.
Join the gaming revolution digitally or physically, and don’t forget that tomorrow is in your hands!


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