Pokémon Sword & Shield for NS – Greatness is just a Poké Ball away!

Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Poké Adventure

151, this was the total number of Pocket Monsters when the original Pocket Monsters: Red & Pocket Monsters: Green were released in 1996 for Nintendo Gameboy. The firsts two installments were set in the Kanto region, a place inspired by the real Japanese region of Kantō filled with modern buildings and technology. In there, the young protagonist Red started his career as Pokémon Trainer traveling far from home to gain experience capturing the biggest number of creatures.
Obviously, he is not the only trainer of the world, and during these two adventures Red meet a lot of people; some of them will become friends, while some other do everything to hinder him. Developed to exploit the characteristics of the Gameboy Game Link Cable to exchange the creatures from a console to another; in a very short time, these games became a stellar hit that leads us to the huge pop-phenomenon that we all know. Until now there are 30 titles divided into seven generations, but that’s not all; in fact, Pokémon can be found also on TV, paper, music albums, toys, and many other gadgets that increase their popularity day by day. Despite the technological limitations of the 90s, many people from Tokyo to Hum praised its robust gameplay, the cuteness of the monsters, and the addictive story, who helped the youngest gamers to don’t give up and fulfill their dreams. Pioneering the “gotta catch ’em all” motto; in 23 years, game by game, generation by generation, Pokémon series has actually caught an incredible amount of fans that waiting with trepidation every new episode; luckily the wait is (almost) over, because Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield will arrive this Friday exclusively on Nintendo Switch!

Starting the eighth generation; in these titles, you’ll be called to travel far and wide facing the fiercest opponents ever to forge your path to the greatness.
Set in the brand new Galar island; Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield for Nintendo Switch tell the events that happened after Pokémon Sun and Moon, and you can create the story that will lead you wherever you want. Introducing many new faces including the mischievous Team Yell, the ghostly gym leader Allister or Leon the extremely popular Galarian trainer, both these chapters bring an actual breath of fresh air in the whole series. For the first time, you can travel in a truly open-world environment enriched with dynamic weather; due to this feature you will encounter specific types of Pokémon that will appear only under specific conditions, so, don’t be shy, explore the whole Galar region as much as you can to catch the wildest & rarest monsters.
Anyway, as you maybe already know, evolution is a very important part of the adventure, and this time you can unlock new powers not only in the gyms, in the camps or through battles, but also with the innovative Poké Jobs feature, thanks to which your creatures can earn more powers completing challenging & funny tasks.

Pay your dues facing hundreds of skilled trainers and legendary monsters like Zacian, Zamazenta or the familiar ones in the massive Gigantamax form; all of them only wait to add a more victory to their curriculum, show them what you are really made of, and once you’re mighty enough reclaim the Champions Cup joining the Pokémon League. In there, you’ll face the strongest trainers in the world, but don’t waste your time and efforts with the small fishes, focus on the big ones, the legendary four Gym Leaders!
Think to the best strategy to adopt, and win over them, and you’ll not gain only unbound glory, but also you’ll receive a lot of prizes that will improve your skills to infinity and beyond.

With Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield for Nintendo Switch, the legend continues more thrilling than ever digitally or physically; start your training today and gotta catch ’em all!


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