Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate Heads To The West This February 2020 I Pre-order Now!

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Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate

PS4™, Xbox One™, and SW – US, EU, JP, and Asia

  • Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate also goes with the name Musuo Orochi 3 Ultimate in its Japan version.
  • It is an expanded edition that will include almost 170 playable characters including all-new Gaia and some returning heroes from Warriors Orochi 3.
  • The game is bound to release this December 19 in Japan and Asia and in North America and Europe on February 14, 2020. This is now available for pre-order here at Playasia.


Musuo Orochi 3 Ultimate (also known as Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate in the west) is coming on February 14, 2020, for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch consoles. Koei Tecmo also revealed that Japan will first have it by next month, December 19, for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

The game will be available as a standalone Ultimate edition and a paid upgrade if you happen to own Warriors Orochi 4, you may choose between the two. The Ultimate edition features plenty of new characters, additional storylines and game modes. Are you ready Warrior fans?

Game Overview

The latest in Koei Tecmo’s dynamic crossover series features characters from Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, and the gods of ancient history joining together in an all-out fight against swarms of enemies as they seek answers to why they were reunited to battle in this mysterious new world.

All-star characters and fan favorites from past Koei Tecmo games, like Joan of Arc, join the Musou Orochi 3 Ultimate cast; boosting the number of playable characters from Musou Orochi 3’s staggering 170, to the eye-popping new count of 177. One of the most significant new characters is the Mother Earth goddess, Gaia, who created numerous lands at the beginning of time and now looks to unite our heroes to help save the world.

Besides, new storylines from Musou Orochi 3 will also be explored. What led Zeus to form the anti-Odin coalition? What happened to the officers who were sent to investigate the enemy forces? Discover the truth while unlocking the all-new True Ending to the saga with the gods. Add in new game modes, including the multi-layered maps of Infinity Mode, and fantastical new magical abilities and Sacred Treasures, and it’s no question that Omega Force is delivering fans the definitive Musou Orochi 3 experience.

warriors orochi 4 ultimate, musuo orochi 3 ultimate, ps4, playstation 4, xbox one, xone, switch, nintendo switch ,asia,japan, us, north america, europe release date, gameplay, features, price, pre-order now

Meet new heroes and transcend the power of the Gods in an all-new Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate due out in Japan this December 19 and heads to the west in February 2020. Pre-order yours now!


Here below are the game’s trailers, features, and screenshots for you to enjoy:



  • New Characters – Starting with Gaia, new heroes gather from multiple universes to join the fight
  • New Storyline and Sub-scenarios – The battle has not ended… A new story and ending pursuing the truth of the world has been added. In addition, unique sub-scenarios will be available to reinforce the main story
  • New Mode and Gameplay Experience – New features such as Infinity Mode and the Promotion system have been added. The enhanced gameplay allows players to grow their heroes to their ultimate potential!
  • The Ultimate in Musou Exhilaration! – Sacred Treasures can now be used by other characters allowing players to create unique and powerful teams, and with the new Musou Switch Combo feature the game will reach ultimate heights in exhilaration
  • Improved Playability – Part of the UI and control settings have been improved along with additional features to make gameplay easier


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