Why go out? Get ready for a playful digital weekend with your PS4!

Finally also this week has almost reached its end, many things happened on this week; last Monday, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige spoken publicly about the controversy which sees Martin Scorsese vs. superhero movies, while two days ago George Lucas has started to reshuffle the famous “Han shot first” scene of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, but that’s not all, weekend means also free time, and what’s the best thing to download dozens of great titles for PS4, and PSVita for an insanely ridiculous price?
Thanks to our special Black Friday Sale & the PSN Double Discounts campaign, you can save a lot of money, and at the same time fill your HD with a lot of crispy titles that will make your weekend the funniest one of the month!
So, without further ado…grab your joypad, and start to play!!!

Cyberpunk is now!
Dear guest, welcome to the one and only VA-11 HALL-A club; in VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action you can find all types of living beings: humans, robots, cyborgs, and even aliens. Everyone who gets through its doors can relax, chat, and not least drink the best cocktails of the whole city, and an ultra-fast Wireless LAN.
Providing a great story worthy of the best William Gibson’s novels; in this unconventional adventure you’ll be called hard to serve the best drinks in town, the harder you’ll work, and the more customers will walk through the entrance door. Listen to their stories and provide them valuable advice to solve intricated situations. In change, they will tell you new info about the latest rumors in town to use them to your advantage. Mix unconventional ingredients to create even new beverages to serve; at VA-11 HALL-A club the seats are plush, the lighting is low, and the cocktails are something exceptional.
Let feel old and new customers welcome preparing exquisite beverages, original small dishes, all seasoned with nostalgic Retro-Cyber delights!

Elevate your summoning skills to new heights with Fate/EXTELLA LINK!!!
In this ultra-high-speed action game Masters and Servants get into the battle to get the control of the Moon Cell Automaton, a supercomputer that can grant any wish.
Featuring more than 25 mythical characters including Francis Drake, Astolfo, Robin Hood, and many others; you’ll do your part along supersonic-paced dynamic battles; recreating some of the epic confrontations you’ve seen in the anime or combat in all-new showdowns that have never happened before, all of them proudly presented in a jaw-breaking anime art style!
More power, more skills, and more fighting styles are required to win one of the most precious prizes of your life; don’t get caught unprepared, your thumbs asking for wild & furious game that will take you through an epic story filled with action, rivalry, and political intrigue.

Every battle defines you…discover who you really are with Injustice 2!
“The Society” is a group formed the most powerful super-villains from DC Comics series. Led by Brainiac, and formed by Gorilla Grodd, Bane, Captain Cold, Catwoman, Cheetah, Deadshot, Poison Ivy, Reverse-Flash, and Scarecrow; they aim to conquer the whole planet, and obviously the good ones can’t let allow this…in response Batman formed a new team of superheroes to combat them, and stop this meaningless plan. Recruiting Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Flash, Swamp Thing, and many others, they’re the last hope to protect the DC Multiverse from the ultimate threat.
With its hugely expanded roster which includes also some lesser-known DC characters, this mighty fighting game is the best chance to discover new heroes (and villains) that even if they aren’t immediately recognizable, they’re however provided with a lot of charisma and incredible superpowers.
Meet the greatest cosmic legends of the universe, and with your help, they do right that which is wrong!

To: Earth Central Government
From: Emergency Space Network Class 12093752A
– S.O.S. Message Received –
We’re under attack! Send backup to Zone 189305 Eastern Quadrant NOW!
….Transmission Terminated
– End of the Line –
Help the Earth Forces with Astebreed!
Enter the cockpit of the highly-advanced ASM 33.1 mech to pacificate every corner of the universe; designed to reduce a sonic boom to a little thump, this 70.000 lbs. robot is fully armed with long-range, precision-guided anti-ship missiles, and tactical semi-auto rifles.
Good on the planet surfaces, and great in the sidereal space void; this war machine can end quickly the long war who see the human race against an ancient bio-mechanical alien race. Strongly inspired by the golden shoot’em up of the past, this astonishing mech shooter brings you an explosion of visual awesomeness, everything tied up with superb hyper-fast gameplay mechanics, but stay alert, because your enemies know you very well, indeed they’ll attack you from all the positions; it’s up to you to intercept, evade, and eventually destroy the enemies spaceships. In this game, your readiness will be pushed to the limit due to the unique variety that will turn it into a vertical, horizontal, and 3D shoot’em up!

Aragami creatures are destroying all, save what remains with God Eater 3!
Our planet is now only a vast wasteland where savage creatures rule undisputed over all the other beings; the only hope resides in the wielder of the God Arcs, living weapons enhanced with the mysterious Oracle Cells, they’re the greatest warriors who can eradicate this threat…
Prevent the total extinction of humankind, and discover the truth of the Aragami with the third chapter of this legendary action-RPG series. Combining an unbelievable fast-paced battle system, an intricate compelling story, and one of the most impressive gameplay mechanics on the current generations of consoles. Use extensively your supernatural abilities to survive, and experience an insanely intense combat action playstyle; featuring intuitive controls, and smart combat system, this title will unleash your inner mystical powers…
Your actions alone can determine the future of the Earth; this is an immortal battle for survival!

The Phantoms Thieves are, here again, let them grab your heart with Persona 5 Ultimate Edition, Persona 5: Persona Bundle & Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight!
You know, the translated versions of Persona 5; The Royal, and Persona 5 Scramble will arrive on next year, so there’s nothing better to trick the waiting with this special three of a kind; Persona 5 Ultimate Edition is the most complete version of the classic gem who has won the hearts of millions of players worldwide. In this huge bundle, you’ll find a plethora of bonus content that will make you VERY HAPPY!
Do you need a list!? Sure…inside it, you can get Japanese audio track, dozens of exclusive costumes (yes even the special ones to celebrate Xmas…ho, ho, ho), never summoned before Persona, and much more.
With the Persona Bundle, instead, you’ll grab the keys to unlock many picaro sets to use the most powerful persona ever seen in a Palace. Anyway if you’re tired to fight for freedom, don’t worry, show everyone your dancing skills with Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight. Shake all your body with popular old hits, new high energy P-Tunes, and brilliant remixes alone or with your friends; play hard and build strong relationships between the characters, more empathy you’ll get and more the power of the dance will be effective against the Shadows, use this particular skill during the TOTALLY HOTTEST fever time to unleash unique powerful choreographies.
It’s time to show your stuff and bring down the Metaverse 🕺🕺🕺

Aren’t these games cool? These are only a short example of what you can find in the PSN Double Discounts campaign.
Don’t look further because with it and with Playasia’s super special Black Friday Sale, you can say goodbye to your social life.
Outside it’s cold, prepare a hot chocolate, and play dozens of new titles all night long!


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