Shenmue III for PS4 – By the power of Dragon & Phoenix Mirrors!

Shenmue III

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: Epic Adventure

Symbolizing good fortune, and mystical strength, the Dragon and the Phoenix are two of the Four Supernatural Spiritual Creatures that play a very important role not only in Chinese mythology but in the whole pan-Asian one. Known also as Four Guardians or Four Auspicious Beasts; these mystic animals are strictly connected with the stars, with the main cardinal points, with the elements, and with the seasons. They are: the Blue Dragon (蒼龍) who protect the east and the spring, the Vermillion Bird (朱雀) who guard the south and the summer, the Black Turtle (玄武) who represent the north and the winter season, and then the White Tiger (白虎) which is patron of the west and of the autumn. All together they have appeared in hundreds of legends as virtue bringers to all those who were lucky enough to meet them.
These lords are so important that they have influenced the cultural heritage of a whole continent being also portrayed in dozens of very important cultural relics including the Qing Dynasty flag, in ceremonial jade ornaments, and in classic novels like Tales of the Tang Dynasty & Journey to the West. But that’s not all, in fact, their myth passed down throughout the ages to reach contemporary pop-culture, and appearing also in anime, comics, tv series, and obviously video games; one of the most important opuses which represent them is surely Shenmue.
Released in 1999 exclusively for Sega Dreamcast, this adventure created by Yu Suzuki, the legendary developer behind titles like OutRun, Virtua Fighter, Hang-On, and many other Sega’s masterpieces, took the best from Kung-Fu movies & from the RPG elements of the past taking them into a totally new interactive adventure who entered into legend soon after its release.

The story of Shenmue series follows the deeds of Ryo Hazuki; an 18 years old boy who on November 29, 1986, witnessed the murder of his father Iwao by the hands of Lan Di, one of the bosses of the Chi You Men criminal organization. The intention of this infamous group of outlaws is to get two ancient objects; the Dragon Mirror and the Phoenix Mirror. An old legend says that “When the Dragon and the Phoenix meet, the gates of heaven and earth will open, and Chi You will resurrect itself on earth”; so, in order to summon it, and bring destruction over the world, Lan Di travel to Yokosuka to steal it, killing its rightful keeper.
Vowing revenge Ryo made a choice to investigate over the tragedy, and this choice led him to travel far and wide from Japan to the dangerous dark alleys of the Kowloon Walled City before, and the beautiful city of Guilin then…built by five chapters on two volumes; Shenmue & Shenmue II are two great adventures that have received the praise of millions of gamers both in Japan and abroad.
Finally, today the conclusion of Ryo’s mission will be revealed with Shenmue III for PlayStation 4!

In the third volume you’ll find the answers to many questions who have gripped all the fans of the series; what’s the real mirrors’ power? Why the Hazuki family is involved? Is Lan Di only a mere pawn in a bigger game?
Reinvigorating the almost perfect gameplay mechanics you’ve (probably) already experienced in the previous two games; in the third installment Ryo will be not alone, in fact, a mysterious girl called Shenhua Ling will accompany him throughout the whole China giving a precious help to solve the mystery of Ryo’s father murder.
Equipped with more locations to explore, more QTE and more acrobatic kung-fu fights worthy of the best Shaw Brothers’ movies; Shenmue III for PS4 is a thrilling dramatic adventure that melts in such good way Chinese mythology, martial arts, a compelling crime plot, and the unique touch of Yu Suzuki.
If you’re looking for a true masterpiece, don’t look further, because this is made for you.

Embark on a new digital or physical journey with Shenmue III for PS4; get your revenge against Lan Di and Chi You Men organization and get back the mirrors before the savage Chi You reach our world!


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