Digital Black Friday for PS4 & XB1 – Black goes great with everything!

Don’t fear the dark, as the legendary Japanese novelist Tanizaki Junichiro wrote: “Were it not for shadows, there would be no beauty”, and we can only be totally agreed with him. But many other things make this condition so beautiful, just to name a few: gothic literature, dark music genres, and (obviously) the Black Friday!
Since 1952, this particular day opens officially the Christmas shopping season; started in the U.S.A. during the decades the Black Friday turned into a global phenomenon who transcends all the longitudes and latitudes. Obviously, this means to enter in a sparkling wonderland built by discounts, and what’s better to save money, and at the same time play some great games? This is why on PlayStation Store & Xbox Live you may find a lot of precious discounted gems, and if you combine them with our ultra-special Black Friday Sale, we’re sure that black will become your favorite color.
Opportunities like these happen only once a year; so, head our Digital section, grab your shopping cart and shop until you drop!

A star is born millions of light-years from here, but you can reach it quite easily with The Outer Worlds for PS4 & XB1!!!
Set in the Halcyon system; in this one-of-a-kind space opera, you will be called to explore a place at the edge of the galaxy in which any decision will have a considerable impact on your life, and on the ones near you. Equipped with weird weapons, never seen before locations, and a branched storyline with tons of twists and turns; you should battle for the safety of humans and aliens.
Like a futuristic Captain America, you wake up from your hypersleep in a new world, equip your arsenal, and spread the Good Word everywhere!

Can you hear that noise? Yes, a lot of “Bio-Organic Weapons” are looking for you across a RE:vamped Raccoon City; stop them with Resident Evil 2 for PS4 & XB1!
Prepare yourself to RE:start an adventure of epic proportions; finely aged like a fine wine, this RE:make includes hordes of flesh-hungry monsters, mind-blowing puzzles, and the traditional intense & unforgettable cliffhangers that you’ve probably already experienced in the other chapters of this long-life survival horror series.
Welcome to the city of the dead, young escapees… if you loved George Romero’s inspiring zombie movies, you shouldn’t miss playing also this new version of a great classic of the 90s!

From a small town to the world it’s a small step!
In World War Z for PS4 & XB1, all the biggest cities of the world including New York, Moscow, and Jerusalem are witnessing an actual undead apocalypse that doesn’t show signs of stopping. Billions of hungry zombies without any feeling or fear overwhelm the entire planet to become the top of the food chain; this is the last chance for you (and other few survivors across the planet) to end a new kind of world war that sees us against a never fought before the enemy.
Go gruevy, and shoot anything that moves…if you don’t do it this could be your last second on Earth!

Real challenges are eternal, and there’s nothing more than challenging like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice for PS4 & XB1!
Starring Sekiro, an elder shinobi at the service of a young boy which is the last heir of an ancient dynasty, this action-adventure game sees you travel far and wide across the country to save him from the dirty hands of Ashina’s Clan leader; who has kidnapped him in order to exploit his prestigious bloodline for political reasons. Thanks to his various supernatural abilities, such as teleportation, psychokinesis, and precognition; Sekiro is the only one who can save the Divine Heir. Featuring a brutal fast-paced katana action gameplay enriched with stealth elements, you must walk through large battlefields, enormous castles, and above all fearsome enemies.
Keeping traditional From Software’s approach; this game doesn’t give pardons to anyone!

The hopeless people of Urzikstan need your help NOW!
Occupied by the terrorist organization known as Al-Qatala; in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for PS4 & XB1 you’ll support Capt. John Price put an end to the reign of the dangerous Omar “The Wolf” Sulaman who has started to use chemical weapons on innocent population civilians.
Offering the most tragic, and mature story in the series; this new installment keeps the same frenetic twitch gameplay with new dynamic innovations including a completely new game engine that will immerse you in the battlefield as never before.
Answer the Call, save the world or die trying!

Upgraded with a hi-tech combination of science and technology, the greatest pilots of the galaxy; Super Robot Taisen T for PS4 leaps the boundaries that separate the series to provide the latest mechawesome experience.
Starring good old battle machines such as Mazinger Z or Getter Robo; for the very first time, they’ll join their forces with brand new heroes including Captain Harlock, Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu from Magic Knight Rayearth, and the crew of Cowboy Bebop. Continuing the traditional strategic gameplay system that fans have learned to love with throughout the series, the universe counts on your cunning and tactical skills to lead the best super robot pilots ever seen in decades to save the universe from those who want to enslave all its inhabitants.
The galaxy is in peril! It’s time to emerge, and save billions of people from the attacks of hordes of ruthless invaders!

So, why wait? After chowing down your Thanksgiving turkey, sit back and relax with all of these discounted digital treasures; check our Instant Digital Cards section, to play them now!


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