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Christmas is veeeeryyyy near, and we know that during that period of the year a lot of money fly away to buy the coolest presents for your family and friends, even if, most probably, you’ll receive in exchange a useful plain fleece blanket, a stylish pair of glittered cowboy boots or a load of warm socks.
Whatever Santa Claus will bring to you, you still have the chance to get a lot of wonderful digital titles for Nintendo Switch at a very little price; combing the Nintendo eShop Instant Digital Cards with the newest Nintendo Cyber Sale campaign, only until December 4 you can level-up the quality of your Nintendo Switch storage to the max, and on Xmas day show to your family and friends that you’re too cool for those presents!

Re-create your very own kingdoms of with Dragon Quest Builders 1 & 2 for Nintendo Switch!
Set in the legendary fantastic universe of Dragon Quest; these two titles take place in an alternate reality where the dark Dragonlord has won the final battle eliminating the hero. This means that now the whole world is ruled by monsters and that every single person has lost the crafting ability to create new weapons, armor, houses, shops, and anything else…
But like an actual miracle, a new kind of hero comes out from the darkness…a hero with the unique ability to create things using raw materials in a very unconventional way… blessed by the Goddess, he needs your help to recreate a brand new world of light from the roots, c’mon Builders this is your turn to bring happiness once again in the realms of Dragon Quest!

Save a whole town from bankruptcy with Lapis x Labyrinth!
If you’re in desperate need of money, you shouldn’t miss playing with this addictive dungeon-RPG on your Nintendo Switch. Set in a retro-fantasy world; you must help thousands of hopeless people – who lost almost everything – to reconquer their serenity. How? Well, it’s easier said than done; you and your allies must enter in the mysterious Golden Forest to acquire all the treasures who are buried in there, but bear well in mind that every single gold doubloon is protected by hordes of monsters who don’t want to lose what is rightfully theirs.
Earn as many treasures as you can, and then use your powers cleverly to $mash all those creatures that stands between you and your objective!

The path to the ultimate power never taking a break!
Set soon after the end of Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball FighterZ sees the calm and friendly Android 16 re-activated by a mysterious army of Super Androids who aim to eradicate the Z Fighters from the whole universe! It’s up to you (and to your fighting skills) to prevent or fulfill the Super Androids’ objective choosing your warrior between a roster of more than 20 iconic characters taken from all the DBZ narrative arcs, and then clash in ultra-exciting mightiest vs. mightiest battles in fully destructible battlefields!
Developed by the “fighting games’ gods” of Arc System Works, this new episode can be considered a sort of playable interactive anime thanks to its traditional hand-drawn art that provides a fluid and brilliant visual experience, with dynamic camera movement where these SSSSuper FighterZ burst to life on screen in tandem with frenzied particle effects from a multitude of special moves and fighting mechanics!
Surpass your limits, and become a Z Warrior today!

Act like a real ninja with hand-to-hand combat moves and by climbing, carrying, swimming, moving objects, and concealing bodies into the darkness!
In Aragami: Shadow Edition, you’re a powerful, undead assassin who has the power to manipulate the shadows to hide, stay invisible, and sneak in behind your targets. Choose your gameplay style: you could kill every opponent you’ll find on your path, or, otherwise, you could walk silently in the darkness to avoid any unnecessary confrontation.
Inspired by the best stealth titles like Tenchu, Dishonored, and Metal Gear, this version includes the original game + the hyper-thrilling Nightfall Expansion.
Experience the sensation to control the shadows, be a ninja master!

μ is the greatest music program ever created; it is so advanced that it acquired its own personality, but in some few cases this kind of advancement is not so positive as initially thought…
Indeed, it started to create a paradise on earth destroying the actual world and imprisoning more people possible in Mobius. Welcome to the cyber world of The Caligula Effect Overdose; build your team of saviors, you and your friends will be called to break the digital prison bars who surround this AI created world. Interact with greedy producers, influential music superstars, almighty programs, brainwashed schoolmates, and many other personalities, you’ll be called the real dark nature of μ.
With its tactical yet action-packed combat style, its powerful immersive narrative, and a radical anime art style, this superb JRPG is the ultimate test to save humankind’s independence against a despotic machine ruler!

Many other insanely discounted digital games for Nintendo Switch await you; check all of them here and here, and you can have dozens of great titles at a very little price (just in time to buy the coolest gifts for this Xmas) ho ho ho!


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