Granblue Fantasy Versus “Lowain” Character Trailer Is Here I Watch It Now!

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Granblue Fantasy Versus

PlayStation 4™ – JAPAN & ASIA

Following Percival‘s character trailer launched a few days ago, another character for the upcoming 2.5D fighting game Granblue Fantasy Versus was unveiled. Watch the trailer below!

The new character trailer is for “Lowain”, he can call Sammy and Tommy to find an opening to strike. He eats food to recover his HP bar and SB gauge and his H.P.A is unstoppable.

Lowain relies heavily on assist moves from his brothers Elsam and Tomoi or Sammy and Tommy in  English. They can perform attacks on the opponent directly or both jump in to put Lowain on their shoulders and enter into something of a stance with new abilities at the player’s disposal. (Thanks, Eventhubs and Gematsu!)

You can also check the excitement of the twitter world to Lowain through XSEED Games post below!

Granblue Fantasy Versus is due out on February 6, 2020, for Playstation 4 in Japan. Pre-order is still open here at Playasia. Pre-order now!

Here’s the game overview from XSEED Games below.

In a world where adventurers roam the skies on airships, and the floating islands of the Skydoms lead their way, the Grandcypher—an airship of massive proportions—sets out on a magnificent journey, traveling the islands, and picking up a veritable army of sellswords, knights, and mages along the way… However, these heroes of the sky will soon embark on a brand-new adventure, where battle and glory await!


Granblue Fantasy Versus, Granblue Fantasy, PS4, PlayStation 4, Cygames, グランブルーファンタジー ヴァーサス, pre-order, Japan, Asia

Take on the international mobile game hit to the next level in Granblue Fantasy Versus for PlayStation 4 coming on February 6th, 2020 in Japan & Asia with Multi-language options available. Here at Playasia, this 2.5D fighting game is now available for pre-order. Click the button below to pre-order yours now!


Granblue Fantasy Versus, Granblue Fantasy, PS4, PlayStation 4, Cygames, グランブルーファンタジー ヴァーサス, pre-order, Japan, Asia

Meanwhile, the Premium Box Limited Edition of Granblue Fantasy Versus is also available for pre-order. What are the inclusions of this edition? Check it out below. (Please note: pre-order now before it closes for its allocation!)

Box contents

  • PS4 Game: Granblue Fantasy Versus
  • Special Draw Box
  • Special Soundtrack CD
  • Special Art Book
  • Character Pass: Five characters unlock rights due out post-release & the Lobby Avatar “Power-Specialized Vyrn”
  • PlayStation 4 System Theme
  • PlayStation Network avatar set
  • Color Pack


Read more about the game > HERE <



  • An Anime Fighter for Players of All Levels! – Arc System Works, the team behind critically-acclaimed fighting series BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, and Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Cygames, the people behind the international mobile phenomenon Granblue Fantasy, usher in a new era of fighting games with a rich and accessible battle system suitable for beginners and veterans alike
  • Fight as Your Favorite Granblue Characters! – A balanced and varied cast of combatants are ready to duke it out, each with their own individual fighting styles and dazzling skills. Whether it’s the well-rounded Katalina, the long-range specialist Ferry, or the dual blade wielder Lancelot, there is a character and style to suit almost anyone’s tastes
  • A Gorgeous 2.5D Style World, Accompanied by Memorable Melodies! – High production values recreate the well-known locales of the Granblue Fantasy universe in vivid 2.5D, bringing these environments to life as crewmembers cheer in the background, all accompanied by Stelle Magna’s stirring soundtrack
  • Captivating Visuals, Designed by a Fantasy Expert! – Hideo Minaba of Final Fantasy series fame contributes as art director, lending his extraordinary talents and unforgettable character and world designs to the Granblue Fantasy universe!


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