Motto! New Pazumatsu-san for PS4 & NS – Catch the puzzle fever!

Motto! New Pazumatsu-san Shinpin Sotsugyō Keikaku

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Matsuno Puzzle

Since the early 60s, Osomatsu-kun is an important figure of Japanese pop-culture; created by the mangaka Fujio Akatsuka, and originally published on Weekly Shōnen Sunday this series is centered about the six Matsuno brothers (Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu, and Todomatsu). Even if they’re always together each brother has a very peculiar character, who lead them to address the challenges in a very special way; for example, Todomatsu is the carefree one, while Osomatsu is the most typical Japanese child, who aims to become a productive salaryman in a big company.
Supported by a huge number of characters, in few years the manga series acquired so many fans, and due to its popularity, in 1966 these six troublemakers landed on TV with an anime series, and in 1985 with a special live-action drama entitled Osomatsu-kun, Iyami, Chibita no Itamae Ippon Shōbu. Anyway, as you maybe know successful series means also video games, and obviously, Osomatsu-kun makes no exception to this golden rule; the first digital incarnation has seen the light at the end of the eighties (more precisely on 1988 Christmas eve) on Sega Megadrive. Osomatsu-kun: Hachamecha Gekijō was a bizarre platform game in which the older brother, armed only with a slingshot, must save the other ones from the clutches of Iyami; the wannabe French man which peculiar pose and shout “Sheeeh!” became very popular among the whole land of the rising sun.
Even if intended to be only a promotional gadget for the anime series; this game was extremely well-made, and it reached also many houses in the western countries. One year later Bandai ported the series on Nintendo Famicom with an adventure called Osomatsu-kun: Back to the Me no Deppa Maki, but despite the premises, this version didn’t attract the fans also because the end of the anime series and Osomatsu-kun was forced to sleep…until 2015…
In fact, on October 5 of that year, TV Tokyo aired a brand new anime series entitled Mr. Osomatsu to celebrate the eightieth birthday of its creator.

In this new version, the brothers are 10 years older than the previous series, but they still continue to cause troubles everywhere; getting a lot of popularity worldwide (also thanks to the Crunchyroll’s simulcast), even Mr. Osomatsu got their own gaming incarnations on Nintendo 3DS before, and PlayStation Vita then, well until today… Yes, because this is the day when the Matsuno brothers go to the rescue on PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch with Motto! New Pazumatsu-san Shinpin Sotsugyō Keikaku!
Providing a totally new gaming experience; in this title, all the six brothers will challenge you to use your mind and reflexes as never before with a unique (and extremely colorful) puzzle game. Even if apparently simple in concept; this brainy adventure is easy to play, but hard to master; get for a very new type of action-puzzle challenge in living color. Match three (or more) tiles to proceed with the story, but do it fast ‘cause time is an invisible, but inexorable enemy; one second later and the game closes here.

Think fast, and move faster; let’s start to arrange the tiles horizontally, vertically or diagonally… this sounds easy, right!? Yes, but in Motto! New Pazumatsu-san Shinpin Sotsugyō Keikaku for PS4 & NS there’s more; clear the episodes to unlock new characters’ catchy, inspiring mottos (there are more than 500 to discover), new outfits, and even more challenging quests that will let you shout “One more and I’m done” for many many times 😉
Funny, and totally addictive; let’s break through the puzzle games’ conventions combining the tiles in a very original way alone or with a friend.

Featuring all the beloved characters you’ve seen in the anime series, a stunning gameplay experience, and many exciting surprises to unwrap; Motto! New Pazumatsu-san Shinpin Sotsugyō Keikaku for PS4 & NS is the most feverish puzzle game of this end of the year; if you think you’ve mastered every puzzle game in the world, well, revisit your consideration, and start the most colorful gameplay session on PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch this very day digitally or physically!


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