Onechanbara Origin for PS4 – Aya & Saki tear horrors in two!

Onechanbara Origin

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: Go-go Samurai Girls VS. Zombies

Do you know who Aya & Saki are? In case you don’t, let us introduce the deadliest, and sexiest samurai warriors in the whole game industry. Their prestigious career is started fifteen years ago when they appeared in The Onechanbara game for PlayStation 2. Initially developed as a low budget title (in fact it has appeared in the legendary Japanese series called “Simple 2000”); in the first episode, which has been released also in Europe as Zombie Zone, Aya is the absolute protagonist, and see her cut several thousands of walking (un)dead who invaded Tokyo. Getting an incredible, and unexpected success; The Onechanbara game has opened the way to a never-developed-before series which mixes perfectly some of the classic ideas of grindhouse Z movies: tons of blood, hordes of zombies, and gorgeous bikini girls!
So far, 11 chapters have been released from a lot of different systems; some of them reached also the west such as Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad for Xbox 360 or OneeChanbara Z2: Chaos for PS4, while some others have been confined in Japan…but despite this, Onechanbara attracted A LOT of people who helped the series to become a niche pop-phenomenon; due to this reason, the Japanese director Yôhei Fukuda made a movie on it in 2008. Starring Eri Otoguro, Manami Hashimoto, and Chise Nakamura; the story follows the events of the games, and you should watch it to discover how a sharp katana and a sexy outfit can save the world.
With the passing of time; the Onechanbara series improved its quality becoming an actual A series; but in 15 years there’s still an unresolved question, how all began? To answer this, and many other questions, D3 Publisher came in our help with Onechanbara Origin for PS4!

Set in 20XX; the 12th episode takes the series to new heights of bloodlust. Featuring the coolest enemies you’ve seen in the series, like the charming undead gal Sayaka, the mysterious third eyed Ubie, and the savage Death Bear; even in Onechanbara Origin, you’ll be called to slash legion of innominable horrors, including the traditional zombies, of course. Exploit all their charm; in this new adventure, Aya & Saki will be helped by the monster hunter Lei, the cursed general Eva, and for the very first time… Aya & Saki’s father…the extremely powerful swordmaster Oboro.

Let’s master new and deadliest katana techniques at their finest on the ground or in the air, helping the hottest samurai warriors in town to maximize this extermination campaign. Don’t forget that even if you’re wandering in a post-modern wasteland, elegance still matters; this is why the great developers behind this game have enriched it with dozens of lovely outfits that will make your hunt even more exciting (in all senses).
Hell is already on Earth, but you can still battle hard to prevent the full opening of its gates; the sisters are back for probably the most bloodier mission of their life, lovely filled with 101% action gameplay system, and many fanservice sequences; Onechanbara Origin for PS4 is simply more thrilling, more immersive, and more whatever you want than ever. Don’t call it simply hack ‘n slash; because this is the most explosive zombie-exploitation adventure in which a bouquet of beauties like no other appears!

Zombies make the woman; if you haven’t played any Onechanbara game before, let’s start from the Origin of the series. Be ready to have a gruesome experience digitally or physically unleashing your inner hunting soul to eradicate those flesh-hungry monsters who are turning Tokyo into a savage forbidden place for all the common humans!


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