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Samurai Spirits

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Extreme Samurai Action

To be in attendance, to serve; this is the meaning of the classical Japanese verb saburahu (侍ふ). Coined during the Heian period; it turned into the noun samurahi in Edo Period, and then samurai in modern language to define the warrior class in traditional Shi-No-Ko-Sho social class system which sees Shi (warriors) at the first place, followed by No (farmers), Ko (artisans), and at the lower step we can find the Sho (merchants). The modern version of the samurai term has been used for the very first time by the Kuge aristocratic class, and it was used to identify their armed soldiers, but since the dawn of time, these people always called themselves Bushi. Obviously, even within this class the members were divided into sub-classes, and the main three were:
– Kenin, administrators or vassals.
– Mounted samurai, high-ranked samurai allowed to fight on horseback
– Foot soldiers.
Anyway, all of them were loyal to the Bushidō; a code of honor that shows the way of life for every warrior. Many popular culture opuses, starting from Kurosawa Akira’s movie Seven Samurai always portrayed them as strong, and brave Japanese men, but actually, the things are a little bit different. Well, the majority were Japanese and men, but historical records taught us that there were also very skilled women called Onna-bugeisha, and foreign warriors who could get this prestigious title; just to name a few there was the Dutch merchant Jan Joosten van Lodensteijn, the English navigator William Adams, and the Italian knight Giovanni Rorutesu. All of them joined their forces with indigenous samurai to bring even more possessions to their lords.

Through the centuries, thousands of tales about brave samurai have appeared on paper, celluloid, and C++ programming language, but very few of them included foreign samurai warriors; it’s useless to say that the best example of this sort of melting pot is Samurai Spirits series.
Appeared in 1993 on Neo-Geo MVS; Samurai Spirits (or Samurai Shodown in western countries) is a 1-vs-1 fighting game in which a bunch of swordmen from all around the world reaches the Land of the Rising Sun to stop the evil influence of Shiro Tokisada Amakusa; a demon determined to use his dark powers the conquer all the earthly kingdoms. Haohmaru, Galford, Kyoshiro Senryo, Nakoruru, Tam Tam and Earthquake are actual superstars who have appeared also in anime, and an uncountable number of gadgets. So far, 12 episodes have been released through the years covering the period between 1786 and 1811, but to the delight of all old and new fans; finally, SNK has released the latest episode also for Nintendo Switch!

Set in 1787; the Tenmei Era is near to the end Japan is still gripped by extreme poverty, famine, and woe. But a new threat is rising filling the air with even more pain, and its name is Lady Shizuka. Spreading a dark aura around her; she wants one only thing, destroy the whole planet, and all the living beings who inhabit it… To prevent this mass extinction; the new Shogun counselour Matsudaira Sadanobu gathered the most powerful warriors from the four corners of the world. Familiar faces like Tam Tam, Shiki, Hanzo Hattori, Ukyo Tachibana, and Genjuro Kibagami will join their forces with the brand new aspiring saviors Yashamaru Kurama, Darli Dagger & Wu-Ruixiang in the ultimate battle for the Earth.

Including also the five extra characters who were previously available as DLC: Basara, Kazuki Kazama, Rimururu, Wan-Fu & Shizumaru Hisame; Samurai Spirits for NS features an epic graphic style, a hectic gameplay worth of the glorious Neo-Geo era, plus a revamped AI system which learn from player’s gameplay style; considered by thousands of gamers as an actual turning point in the fighting game genre, this is without any doubt a must-have title for all those who want to play something spectacular!
Relive the glories of the ancient times relying only on your sword and your skills to stop the conquering plans of Lady Shizuka before it’s too late. Providing an explosive samurai action; try it, and we’re sure that you will be not disappointed.

Celebrate the samurai legacy digitally or physically with Samurai Spirits for NS; if you’re a veteran or a newcomer with this truly amazing gem you can experience how the good old school weapons can bash a new generation of enemies.
Get ready to slice ‘n’ dice everyone on your paths, this is the way of the samurai, this is Samurai Spirits!!!


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